The day grandson David arrived, he did something many young men do. He opened the refrigerator and peered at the food. His eyes lit up when he saw the bowl of chicken and noodles neighbor Shawn had brought me. I very generously agreed to SHARE it with him.

I asked, “What do you want to eat it with, a spoon? A fork?”

David replied, “A spork.”

“OK. I have a spork,” I said, as I pulled it out of the drawer.

“I was just teasing,” he said. “I didn’t know there really was one. I’ll eat with it.”

121617 David eats with a spork.jpg

He made short work of that delicious chicken

8 thoughts on “Spork

  1. Yeah, that is a great spork and it was great that you could surprise David, with it.
    The exams and the studying must have made him lose lots of weight. He needs good Grandma’s food .


  2. That is the spiffiest spork I have ever seen. I have just seen the type that Ron talks about…the plastic type that seems to just kind of crack the little tines off. The chicken and noodles looks wonderful!


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