Tables Turned!

When we came home from church, neighbor Logan and his niece Lily were on our porch. They were knocking on our front door, thinking we were home. It didn’t take long for us to gather our things from the car and let them in. They roamed about the house, checking things out. There wasn’t a book they both wanted to read, and the games Logan usually plays on the computer could not be played by two people. They would have been mismatched for games and puzzles. Our piano was the main attraction.

Do you know a song to play, Lily?” John asked.

Yes,” she said. “I can play Twinkle Twinkle.”

She looked at a child’s piano instruction book and then pulled some of my music from the bench and put it on the rack upside down.

012118 Lily's placement of music.JPG

The star didn’t twinkle at all as she pressed random notes. She announced she would play the alphabet song. She probably didn’t realize the two have the same melody. She then did something I thought was amazing. She pressed every white key from middle C to the top of the keyboard while singing the alphabet song. I have a cute photo of her at the piano, but I haven’t asked her parents for permission to publish it.

Lily hopped off the piano bench and swooped down on my camera, saying, “I’m going to take a picture of you.”

The tables had turned, and I was no longer behind the camera! I turned it on, and Lily took a photo of me. All who know me would say I had it coming.

012118 Anne by Lily.JPG

She moved the camera too quickly after trying to take John’s picture. The third try was the best.

012118 John by Lily.JPG

I keep from 700 to 1,000 photos a year and get caught in front of the camera at least twice. If we were going to make a rule to cover this, I’d say for every 500 photos I take, I should pose for one. Fair enough?

16 thoughts on “Tables Turned!

      1. But you gave away the rule of it. That’s a deadly mistake which could create terrible allergies related to photographs for you. Never give up your camera.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


        1. Yes and no. I didn’t give her the camera. My young guest had it in her hand when she stated she was going to use it. I’ll admit my heart was in my throat. I’ve had it only a few weeks and was afraid she would drop it. This would not have happened with the little red camera. It always stayed in my pocket. New camera is heftier and harder to hide.

          xxx hefty hearty hugs xxx


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