Streaming Adventure

The day was not off to a good start because I was nervous about getting to an appointment on time, upset that the gas card was rejected while John was traveling, and annoyed that the little freezer demanded an emergency defrosting. A day later, two of my concerns have been resolved, and the other will be eventually when I set aside an hour or so to be on hold with customer service, a definite misnomer.

After my skin got its annual “all clear” from the dermatologist, son John $ suggested we go somewhere for fun. Without saying a word about my state of mind, he set out to lift my spirits. We had a rather late start, but he made the most of the time. We drove through the gorge, one of my favorite places to be. If you’ve ever driven I-40 between Knoxville and Asheville, you’ll know the area I’m talking about. The highway winds its way along the Pigeon River with steep mountains looming on both sides. It is gorgeous and so different from valley views.

It took me years to realize that a day or a week in $’s company has a theme. One summer he teased our grandsons (his nephews) about the mythical wampus cats in this area. Last year a common thread with the boys was introduced by saying, “This reminds me of THE HUNT.” The ensuing conversation was done in an upper-class English accent. The theme for our jaunt this time was from the British comedy Keeping up Appearances. John imitated Hyacinth, Mrs Bucket, as she would say with utter disdain, “It’s BOUQUET.” I couldn’t help laughing every time.

We got off the interstate in Tennessee and drove to a camping area beside Big Creek. The camp was closed for the season, but people were welcome to park and wander by the stream. As we got out of the car, $ asked if I wanted my cane. I’d brought it in case we walked on uneven ground or needed to go on stairs without railings. We started up the trail, but turned back when a fallen tree blocked our way. We spent the rest of the time leaning on the sturdy bridge over the creek. What a delight it was! $ was a marvelous companion, never looking at the time or shuffling his feet with impatience. It was very restful to be with him, suspended in time, looking and listening to the stream.

I know by now that not all streams are created equal. Big Creek is filled with large boulders atop great slabs of smooth rock. Our local Jonathan Creek is more shallow and lacks the dramatic boulders. Because we were there for a long time, I saw things a mere appreciative glance would not have revealed. The lower angle of the sun showed intricate patterns of light in the swirling water. $ likened it to fish scales, overlapping and shimmering.

012518 Big Creek with $.JPG

I didn’t catch other dazzling lines that appeared on submerged rocks, as good as any sound and light show. As the sun went lower, it created shadows from the ripples. Those shadows looked like lively creatures, wiggling downstream for a few seconds before slipping away. I could almost see that when playing the short video in repeat mode.

Even with jackets on, we were beginning to get chilled. Chills make you move faster than a timer would! We were home in plenty of time for $ to pack up and head out to see friends in Asheville. I really appreciate his taking me out and restoring my equilibrium with several hours of mountain fun.

40 thoughts on “Streaming Adventure

  1. Anne
    A different post from your usual ones- I am not sure why but there is something.
    The fish scale appearance and the appearance of living beings on the video are captured so beautifully.I am glad you had someone to take care of you and show you the marvels of nature without hurrying you. It takes a nature lover to show the world how the world must be appreciated.

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  2. It’s nice when you’re with someone in who’s company you can totally relax, especially if they’re playing Hyacinth Bucket ( pronounced Bouquet). Congratulations on the annual all clear.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  3. I’m jealous of your adventure. Yes, I am. Your creek and mountains are beautiful. I’m glad that you got some time in nature with a calm person. We all need that from time-to-time.


  4. Never a dull moment! Gorgeous pix! I didn’t realize the noise in the creek video would be so LOUD! It scared my kitty, Annie! LOL.

    You spoke of imitating British accents… sometimes my boyfriend and I get into that. We do a TON of videochatting, since he lives 700 miles away… we’ll pretend to be a daddy and kid, filthy rich, and I would say, “Daddeh, I need my shilver shpooooon!!” We also do Monty Python pretty well. “NOBODY expects the Spanish inquisition!!” And: “It’s not dead! It’s sleepin’! It’s – it’s pinin’ for the fjords!!” 😀


    1. The noise of the creek video made me jump. I thought it would be more good-mannerly quiet on the blog. Please tell Annie, “Sorry!”

      It’s fun thinking of your doing British accents. We don’t get Brit coms any more. If they are aired here, we haven’t found them.

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            1. That’s easier said than done. We have the listings in the newspaper, but their channels do not correspond with the cable channels. We can see the on-line listing, but that shows only what is currently showing and an hour beyond. I really don’t have time to watch TV, anyway.

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    1. $ can imitate a number of accents. They all make me laugh. He spent so much time with mountain people here that he began to blend in. Once in a bar, they asked where he grew up. When he said NY, they said, “No way!” They would not have used those words, but the meaning was the same.


  5. Ooooh that was lovely and so glad you had someone to perceive the need for a spirit lift. That area there is absolutely gorgeous and I just love Asheville. They’ve got some cool places to dine and music in the park. (probably not this time of year though) Although, the tranquil stream visit was more what you needed.
    As for credit cards, I’ve noticed that if I go out of my normal bounds, some cards don’t work if you’ve not informed the company that you are traveling. I don’t know if gas cards work the same. I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times and so has my daughter, so we both call in before a trip (if we remember), if not and we get forestalled, we know what to do now.


    1. I’m glad you love Asheville. We go once a week to church and often have lunch there. It’s a lively town. The gas card is local, and they messed up my bank number. After that, they froze the two other cards we have. It’s a mess, and it will not be resolved until I talk to them. If they can’t get it straightened out, we’ll cancel the cards. I’m still annoyed! The thing to do is think of that lovely stream until I’m calm again.

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  6. Hyacinth Bucket ….
    I used to annoy the heck out of my daughters when they were in their teens by answering the phone in the same way Hyacinth answered her phone in the TV series:
    “The Bouquet residence, lady of the house speaking” … and should the caller be one of their friends, I would say to which ever daughter was required on the phone:
    “It’s my sister Violet, you know, the one with the Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony.” … and then offer the phone to the daughter concerned.

    Their friends used to LOVE this and go into fits of laughter and giggles, telling (which ever) daughter that they loved their mum, because apparently I was “such fun”!

    Both daughters had a different view point on this. LOL.

    Of course … when they were old enough to date, they would beg me not to answer the phone in this way. … and most times I didn’t. But every now and again, a little devilment would sneak into me and Hyacinth would put in an appearance. LOL.

    Loved the sound of the water Anne. I played it once, then played it again, this time with my eyes closed. I can recommend it. It makes you feel that you’re actually sitting there beside you.

    A really beautiful post Anne. Filled with love, care and friendship.
    Sending squidges to you ~ Cobs. xxx


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