On the Porch!

It was the day after Valentine’s Day, and John noticed the temperature was 71 F (21.6 C). We promptly took the last of our Valentine cake out to the porch to enjoy the warmth while we ate. My definition of porch weather begins at 65 F, so we could probably have eaten lunch outside earlier. Surely this was the earliest we’ve ever done this! Last year we were out there at least once in March and once in December when daughter Lise was here.  Those are the fringe months.

021518 Valentine's cake on porch.JPG

20 thoughts on “On the Porch!

  1. The first day or two that you can enjoy on the porch are always the sweetest! We’re hoping to hit 70 next week, right after a weekend snowstorm (seriously?). Now I know where you ate MY piece of the valentine cake!


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