A Day of Waterfalls

Grandson David expressed interest in seeing waterfalls during his Spring break. He and John looked through a waterfall book to find some that would be easily accessible. Shunkawauken Falls, near Columbus NC, was the first. Oddly enough, it started at the top of a mountain before going under the road.

030518 (1) D at Shunkawauken Falls.JPG

David and I were looking only at the falls as we walked up the steep road. The spectacular view was behind us. We walked across the road to see where the stream flowed and saw the vista below.

030518 (4) Shunkawauken Falls vista.JPG

We ate lunch at a small restaurant in the town. The waitress said the fish was excellent, so John and I ordered catfish. We were not disappointed.

030518 (5) David John in Columbus NC.JPG

Key Falls was on private property behind a bed and breakfast place. Its sound was as sweet and gentle as a lullaby.

030518 (9) David close to Key Falls.JPG

Looking Glass Falls is beside the highway and probably the easiest one to see in the area. John and I have seen it numerous times. I stayed at the top, while David went down the steps to the base of the falls. His blue jacket is easy to spot.

030518 (10) David on steps to Looking Glass Falls.JPG

We stopped for falling water that had no formal name. Ice had formed on leaves to the left of the falls, and icicles dripped from a rock. David estimated it to be about 8 feet tall. After looking at it for a minute, David exclaimed, “This is where Uncle John and I filled our water bottles the time we went camping!”

030518 (12) Falls without a name.JPG

From a distance we saw Bubbling Spring Branch Cascades. David wants to hike to it some day.

030518 (13) Bubbling Spring Branch Cascades.JPG

Our tour ended at my favorite, Sunburst Falls. It’s the closest impressive one to our house. I liked the photo with David out on the rocks, showing how tall the falls are.

030518 (15) David at Sunburst Falls.JPG

A video of the top of Shunkawauken Falls:

24 thoughts on “A Day of Waterfalls

  1. Wow ! All these falls in one day ! You have been travelling and waterfall hunting. I love water falls too. In the summer , do people bathe in these falls ?


  2. You are so lucky to have the grandkids close enough to visit. Ours are across country and require an airplane. The hikes look awesome. I bet they are gorgeous in the summer.


    1. Our grandchildren are closer than yours — 800 miles. Once in a while we fly them to NC, but mostly John drives them. That’s why he is forever passing you by on 76. One of these days I’ll ride with him. He likes to drive through the night, and I’m not crazy enough to do it any more.

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  3. Anne, seriously…write a book with all your interesting stories in it. You are every bit an interesting author as Jan Karen who has sold many books of Mitford family. This is so so interesting and enjoyable to read.


  4. The video and photos were beautiful – felt like I was there with you, especially the sound of the roaring water at the falls. I liked the Keys Falls in back of the B&B. North Carolina sure has some beautiful places.


      1. It sure does look beautiful from all the pictures and videos you have posted. Years ago my mom and I took a trip to Asheville and to Smoky Mountains, also to Tennessee and Kentucky … I might have mentioned that when you said you were from Tennessee … just beautiful there and we said to each other “why do we live in Michigan?”
        The people were so friendly as well –
        I knew that from the diner … I was the only one at the time who was hired and was not from the South. Then my manager’s grandchildren got old enough and were hired, one as a waitress on weekends and another as the clean-up boy … but up to then, I was the only non-Southerner of the bunch. At the time there was no work for me – we looked in the newspapers. We should have moved anyway and something would have come along workwise – didn’t haver to be a legal secretary and I was much younger … it was in 1992 so I was only 36 years old and my mom was 66. We should have taken a leap of faith and moved. My grandmother had already passed away in 1986 so we had no family here … those should haves and could haves … but my mom always feared taking a chance and losing your shirt and having nothing, so abided by her wishes.


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