Is it What I Said?

John mentioned the forecast the night before, but I didn’t get excited about snow. I said, “Even though I love snow, I’m not pulling for it now – not with daffodils and Bradford pear trees blooming.”

He agreed with my sentiments, and we thought no more about it. I stayed up much too late, watching a screen-saver slide show with grandson David. I suggested he pull up videos of the Valparaiso choir on the computer so that he could recognize faces of singers we had just seen. He, with his young eyes, spotted them easily on his phone. I didn’t move away from the monitor quickly enough, and the old photos began their parade. We got hooked. The program randomly chooses from all the pictures I have taken since 1962. I didn’t go to bed until 1:30.

Before the alarm went off, I heard a text message ding my phone. No matter what it was, it could wait. Too bad I didn’t get up. It was a message I would like to have seen immediately. Daughter Kate texted from New Jersey that schools were closing, and she might get 10 inches of snow. Glancing out the front window, I saw white and jumped to the conclusion we were in heavy fog. When I flung back the glass door curtains, I saw SNOW! It was already sticking to the deck. I said to myself, “ Hurry! Hurry! Get your clothes on and get out there to walk!” John and I are well-matched. He was thinking the same thing.

We were half way to the stop sign when blue sky loomed on the horizon. I whipped out my phone and said I was going to take a picture, wanting to get the snow behind us and not the blue sky. In addition, I wanted friend Karen to see the hat she made me, covered with snow. I took a couple of shots and turned the phone to look at them. “John!” I demanded. “Why did you hide?”

030718 Second selfie.JPG

Now John is a good husband, one who does not intentionally antagonize his wife, even about photographs. He said, “I thought you were just getting yourself. I didn’t know I was in it.”

His statement had a ring of truth. My hands were cold, so I laughed as we continued walking. He was probably thinking, “Whew! Ducked that one!”

Here is the first photo.  What do you think?  Did he see the camera aimed as us and take cover????

030718 First selfie.JPG

I’m convinced the clouds read my thoughts about not pulling for snow. Note to self: mentally push snow away so you’ll get more.

The blue sky did not win that battle, after all.  We got more snow after we got home, and I enjoyed watching every flake.  Snow blanked out the mountains as the sun beamed on the pasture.  Flakes showed against the brown post.  Yea, Snow!

030718 Sun shines on falling snow.JPG

30 thoughts on “Is it What I Said?

  1. Am reading Stephen King’s: Stephen King/On Writing, a Memoir of the craft. At the end of the book he describes in detail his experience of being hit by a van while walking on a back country road in 1999 up in Maine. (OUCH!!!) You be careful down there! Herself walked home from church several weeks ago, 6 of the 11 miles. She’s done the entire route more than once. She gets in several miles daily all year long. As for me, exercises at the MAC Center.

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    1. I remember reading about King’s being hit by a van in the newspaper. Your MAC Center looks amazing. No wonder you like going there. We have Silver Sneakers and can exercise free at the Rec Center. We don’t, at least not yet.

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  2. Anne
    Your snowy story made me smile. I loved to see the excitement on your faces to walk in the snow. For years you experienced heavy snowfall in NY but you still enjoy snow in the mountains ?
    The road with snow on both sides and the leafless trees reminded me of ” Stopping by the woods on snowy evening”- only it probably was morning in this case.


  3. My exercise this week was shoveling piles of snow in SLC, as I’m staying with the grands and great grands.. I was “assisted” by my great grandson, who is 7. What fun.


  4. Oh Anne! I couldn’t wait to move to an apartment where I don’t have to do any shovelling! Had enough for a lifetime, before! 😀 They say you don’t miss it ’til it’s gone, but I DON’T MISS IT (shovelling)!


  5. Look at that snow all over you two and the deck as well … what a beautiful shot in the background taken from your deck. Good thing you love snow, as you got a small dose of it today. P.S. – I think John is hiding from the picture (or ducking his head under his hood so he doesn’t get soaking wet).


  6. The snow was beautiful. Good picture of you both *what I could see of John). For a moment, I thought you had a stalker. I get stuck looking at old family pictures also. It can be so relaxing.


  7. We had the same snow system barrel through that closed your daughter’s schools. I was in the midst of enjoying flowers at the Philadelphia Flower Show at the start of it, and then in the thick of it…riding a big red tour bus back home. Now I’ve heard today, maybe…oh no…we might get another bout of Nor’Easter storms on Sunday. I like gentle snow quite a bit, but these gigantic snowstorms are brutes. Happy snow to you dear Anne. I’m glad you had a good walk and I like your selfies.


    1. I saw your photo with the bright seats in the tour bus. That’s great that it didn’t ruin your trip to the flower show. We walked this morning, going out when it was 19 degrees. The sun felt warm!

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    1. I’m with you, Dor. I love watching snow fall. Our weather forecast shows a bit of snow, but I don’t believe it for a minute. Well, maybe I should. The temperature is now 32 F, and it was 40 when I went out walking this morning.


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