A First, at My Age!

I lost my glasses! It’s a common thing, you say, for the elderly to lose their glasses. Not this elder! I can’t see a foot beyond my nose. That’s why my glasses are ALWAYS on my face or on the bedside table. I’ve worn glasses all day, every day, for about 63 years. This morning they were gone. GONE! My first thought was that I could walk to the creek if John went with me, because he could see to cross the highway. Get practical! Go get John!

John was at his computer and immediately got up when I said I needed his help. Bless his heart, he looked at the table and dropped to his knees to scan the floor. It wasn’t until he moved a bit that the light reflected from the glasses. They were slightly behind the table, next to the bedpost. Ah! My knight in shining pajamas!

43 thoughts on “A First, at My Age!

  1. A wonderful man…seriously I have at least a dozen pair of dollar store glasses all over the house and I constantly am without them. My favorite necklace…glasses on a string.

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  2. Yes, I have made some of those for my friends who wear glasses. 🙂
    Anne, I’m so glad you found your glasses!


  3. Ha ha – I can identify as I got glasses on my 7th birthday. I wore contacts for 35 years but now wear glasses all the time. That John is handy to have around – good thing he was not out of state retrieving grandsons or friends or with his train buddies.

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    1. I had glasses in second grade, but I didn’t wear them. It wasn’t until I was in 6th grade that everyone realized I couldn’t see a thing. I was ignorant! I had no way of seeing what I was missing. I wore contacts for 20 years. I lost one once. Were you able to keep up with yours?

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      1. You and I are so much alike. I got glasses at in first or second grade – I was 7. I hated wearing them and would leave the house in them, then pretend they were broken at school and take them off. But then I’d squint and couldn’t see anything. I really liked wearing contacts, and was told when I went to see the contact lens practitioner that since I was fair and light-brown hair and had allergies, they probably would be problematic. They did not have soft contact lenses in 1974 when I got the first pair. I really didn’t have a hard time adjusting at all. My father would not let me drive in them – thought one would fall out. Told my father that when I took out my contacts to put on my glasses to drive that the change in vision was more of a hazard, so he relented … he said he was paying my insurance and bought the car so that was his opinion. I lost one contact lens in 35 years and it just flipped out of my fingers and landed somewhere in the bathroom and I could not find it – looked in the carpet, everywhere – you would think it would show up. I had an extra pair as I didn’t blink enough so I had to have both pair polished four times a year. I only stopped wearing them when I worked from home.

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          1. I always had an extra pair to rotate because I never blinked enough – I had to use re-wetting drops as I always had hard lenses, then the Boston Gas Permeable lenses with the tiny slits. It was worse when I started using a computer as your eyes don’t move to put in more paper in the typewriter, hit the carriage return, etc. Besides I was very vain when I was younger, and hated to go out in my glasses so I had these huge sunglasses called “Solar Shields” to wear on weekends if I just ran errands, to give my eyes a rest. Bathroom rug … hard to find one tiny lens – and it just flew off when I was taking it out … it was very dry at end of the day and blew off my index finger.

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        1. I don’t misplace things often, but when I do, it’s spectacular. I didn’t label the glasses fiasco as misplacing. Those glasses hopped off the table without giving me any aural clues. Unfair!


  4. I have to wear my glasses all the time (when awake) and there’s nothing worse than reaching out for them in the morning and coming into contact with nada. I’m lucky that I have a second pair albeit with tinted lenses with which I can search for the first. I’m lost without them.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  5. I feel your pain. I have rimless glasses that blend with the pattern on our granite kitchen counters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost them on the counter, and had to have Zen-Den find them for me.


  6. I’m wearing glasses since I was three,and totally blind without them but tarting not to see short distance now so,unless I use bifocals contacts,the glasses are constantly traveling from my eyes to my head and forgotten up there….that means the search starts until daughter’s point at them as look for them without seen a damn thing is hard😂


  7. My eyes are pretty good for distance but these days, I put on my reading glasses when I read or sing. I can also use over-the-counter readers and found some cute ones when I was in Sedona, AZ. But forgetting where they are is the key. I laughed at the frantic search. It is not funny I know, but we all have those moments. Now I have one pair on the piano, another in my music bag and a couple in the car. Yet, I always look for them. I think I should have a chip like a cell phone and I can search on the computer where they are located or they could RING and I could find them that way. They must already exits! Glad you found yours.


  8. I too am familiar with how hard it is to find your glasses if you are not wearing them. So nice of your hubby to help!


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