Out On the Towns

John offered to take me on a day trip of my choosing between his trips to Tennessee and New York. We both decided the first one I mentioned would be saved for a day with our grandsons. That one involved beautiful views of mountains and a hike to a waterfall. We headed for Beech Mountain and Banner Elk. We found out that Beech Mountain is the town at the highest altitude east of the Rockies. The off-season population is 350. It swells considerably during ski season, and probably in the spring and autumn, too. I took one photograph from Beech Mountain that shows mountains in the distance and a restaurant that is for sale.

051118 View from Beech Mountain.JPG

Banner Elk sits below Beech Mountain and has a population of just over 1,000. I didn’t take any pictures in the town, but the live webcam (http://www.resortcams.com/webcams/banner-elk/) sits atop the restaurant where we ate lunch.

John picked a mountain road to begin our trip home. As we drove, I asked, “Is this the area where we saw the mailbox that was high off the ground?”

Within five minutes, I saw it. By the time I’d commented on it, we were beyond it. John offered to turn around, but I said I’d find the picture I took before. Four years ago, I wrote the following about son John $’s tour:

As we drove down a small road, I exclaimed about a mailbox and insisted $ turn around so he and his dad could see it, too. There with other normal boxes was one way up high in the air. Someone must have installed it as a prank. The photo doesn’t show it, but the box was painted in red, white, and blue, with US Mail clearly written on the side.

Here is the original photo:

091514  Tall US mailbox.JPG

I wonder if that mailbox was installed when we still had air mail.

18 thoughts on “Out On the Towns

    1. The mirror hasn’t been moved up yet. Today John is driving to NY to pick up grandson David from college. The one for whom the mirror moves will graduate from high school about a month from now. We think he is coming here for the summer.

      Thanks for thinking of John when you saw the show on the super tunnel. I’ll forward the link to him, but he won’t have a chance to look at it for several days.


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