Jukebox Junction

We pass the restaurant, Jukebox Junction, when we go to my favorite waterfall. Grandson David and I ate there recently when John was away, and he wanted his mother and brother to go. The walls were covered with pictures of stars, with shots of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe taking the most space. I took a photo of our fellows to include the dining area.

070918 D N JC Jukebox Junction.JPG

John wielded the camera to show daughter Kate and me.

070918 Kate AM Jukebox Junction.JPG

Nathaniel examined the working jukebox and wanted John to see it.

070918 N JC with jukebox.JPG

The jukebox works if you feed it quarters, and Nathaniel happened to have one quarter. He likes music from all ages and genres. While we were there, others played a few songs, mercifully not too loud.

For the foodies:  The menu is not large. We had chicken nuggets, a chicken sandwich, and fried clam strips. The sides were tasty, too. The boys and Kate started off with milkshakes, taking quite a bit of time deciding which flavor of ice cream they wanted as the base. David’s was the most imaginative – mint chocolate chip and dark chocolate. Kate liked her blueberry cheesecake shake. On my recommendation, John skipped the shake and had dessert. We shared. I had chocolate cheese pie, and John chose peach cobbler. David had half of each. He is as skinny as a rail, so neither milkshake nor dessert would stick to his ribs.

We drove on to Sunburst Falls. David climbed onto the rocks and persuaded his mother to join him. I stayed on the bridge with my camera, as I always do.

070918 Sunburst David Kate.JPG

After I took the photo showing how small they looked, I zoomed in. David had just helped Kate climb over a rock to sit down.

070918 Sunburst David Kate zoom.JPG

Sunlight was fading as we drove home, happy with our late lunch and time at the falls.

33 thoughts on “Jukebox Junction

  1. Is the jukebox full of oldies or is it up to date as well. I’m wondering what Nathaniel chose. I used to love
    jukeboxes with all old music on, mind you old music for me was Bach and Brahms in those days and you wound the jukebox by hand.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

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    1. Yes, the jukebox was full of oldies. Nathaniel said the name of the song, but I didn’t know it. I might have recognized a pop song from the late 50s. Classical music was my passion.

      xxx Musical Hugs xxx

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  2. Jukebox junction ? Sounds like a name from the 1950s. It looks nice and spacious and modern. The waterfalls are so beautiful as always. Do you like to sit there for hours watching the whirlpools or listen to the water falling?
    We have a lot of waterfalls where we are from but then no one ventures near them as the rocks are slippery and one may well end up in the deep river and then the sea.

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    1. There is nowhere to sit near my favorite waterfall. I stand on the narrow bridge or beside the road. I have arthritis and cannot stand for long without pain. Shifting from side to side helps a bit, so I sway while waiting for David to enjoy his climb.

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  3. Water falls look amazing and that restaurant reminds me of a chain we have here in Ireland,very fifties style just they are all red and white instead of blue and white😀


  4. There’s nothing like sharing nostalgia with the kids. There’s a place in Grand Junction, CO that is similar. The couple that own it have included on the walls their cheerleader outfit and letterman jacket plus pictures of themselves when they were like in second grade, plus other high school stuff.
    It is so neat when the kids can get into our nostalgia and appreciate them with you. I remember as a kid “locking in” those moments with my grandparents too. What fun.

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  5. Sounds like a fun place to go. We have a place called the TV Diner, supposed to be a nostalgic setting and fun food, but I’ve never been to it. We had a jukebox at the diner – a quarter for three songs. I loved all the music in it and knew the songs by heart as so many people played the jukebox in those days. At Christmas time, I sometimes thought if I heard Brenda Lee’s “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” one more time, I’d surely lose my mind. Those falls are beautiful – I’d be leery to climb them and more content to stay on the sidelines.


  6. I love places like that. We had a hot-dog spot in the large city, that used to have a small juke box mounted on the wall at each table. They eventually removed them due to no parts anymore.


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