Daughter Kate and I opened a new 500-piece puzzle and sneakily began working on it while her sons were at work. It was not as easy as the 480-piece double puzzles (two pictures jumbled together in the same box). John came in to see what we were shrieking about, as we doubled over in laughter. We finished the top edge and began working on the bottom. I should have taken a picture of it. The top, with all corners in their respective places, was three inches wider than the bottom. Several sections of the sides lay about looking confused. Despite our merriment, we found our mistakes and finished the outer rim.

Enter neighbor Logan (8). He was drawn to the puzzle as to a magnet. Kate found three middle pieces that came hooked together. In just a few minutes he added pieces to it that became the nucleus of our next phase. He was called home for dinner before the puzzle became tedious.

071118 Jigsaw with Kate John Logan.JPG

During the day, Kate finished most of the top. She found one piece after another until she was tired. I joined her, putting in two immediately, followed by nothing. Later I walked by, paused, put in one piece, and walked away. Now I know the best way for me to perform. While putting cereal on the table for breakfast, I put in one piece. It was about as instant as oatmeal and just as painless. From now on, I should limit myself to finding one or two pieces and let others really work at it.

26 thoughts on “Puzzling

  1. I love puzzles. We do one every Christmas break. This year, we were 80% finished when the cat jumped on the table, got her claw stick in puzzle mat and dragged entire thing to floor…..

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  2. Anne,
    You all do enjoy your puzzles and keep all the parts safe too. In our house, we would lose all parts in an instant. I love the photo of Kate diligently concentrating on the puzzle and Logan doing his best to help.
    I would love to work the puzzle your way too- a piece in passing.

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    1. I didn’t think all the pieces were there, but David counted 21 spaces and 21 pieces. He finished it, letting Grampa put in the final piece. Do you ever work jigsaw puzzles?


      1. Honestly Anne, Mother and I had some of our best conversations over jigsaw puzzles. I now realize I they’re not the same without her. Maybe some day soon my grands and I will start them up again too. =>


  3. I love puzzles. I do my best work standing up and that may be why you were able to easily drop in your pieces. It’s all about perspective. Have you ever done a puzzle where all the pieces are alike? Those are sooo hard. Puzzles are great for guests who don’t know one another.
    My brother, the airline pilot, tends to not stick around when he and his wife visit, but I invited him for a New Years breakfast along with some neighbors one year. I invite him often, but he seldom comes since he remarried, partly because she keeps him busy with her family, especially around holidays.
    Anyway, on this occasion I knew my guests came from different backgrounds so I put out a puzzle. He and my neighbor wouldn’t leave until it was done. It was so nice to have him stay that long and… we all got to know my neighbor better.

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      1. Especially if you have a board or a card table where you can put it away in a corner. Because this house is small, my mom had nowhere to put the puzzle during the day, except the stove, and she was unsteady on her feet to walk down the hall to put it on the bed … I had brought two big pieces of styrofoam home from work years ago. We got a new switchboard console and a cabinet with the phone equipment was packed with thick soft styrofoam and she used it for years … one for 1,000-piece puzzles and a smaller one for 500-piece puzzles. She would have to lay it on the table when she started dinner and I’d carry it down the hall when I got home. It was awkward as we had no real counter space either.


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