Nathaniel as Handyman

John did the laundry, and grandson Nathaniel brought the basket back. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We tend to make things more complicated than they need to be and more amusing than is strictly necessary. Nathaniel was carrying a vinyl record to his room and dropping the basket off on the way. This is what I saw.

072218 N delivers laundry basket.JPG

I told the fellows what happened to me the other day. I was sitting on the big green exercise ball while typing at the desk. I shut out everything while reading or writing. After quite a while, I looked at my arms and wondered why they were at a strange angle. I needed to reach upward for the keyboard. My knees were bent and cramped. Standing up was not a simple push up with both feet; I grabbed the desk for balance. What on earth??? The exercise ball had been shrinking for an hour without my noticing.

The next time I was in front of the computer, I used my dad’s office chair, forgetting how hard the wooden seat was. When Nathaniel walked in, I lurched upward. “Uhh!”, I said. “My bum is asleep!”

“Why aren’t you using the ball?” he asked.

“Look at it,” I said. “It shrank to half its size last night.”

He turned it this way and that and found a tiny hole. I must have rolled over a stone or some other sharp object. He went into fix-it mode, asking if I had a pump and going for tough tape. That reminded me of my dad, who always repaired things instantly. In moments Nathaniel removed the plug and began using the hand pump.

072318 Balance ball repair.JPG

It was a tough job. I thought having the ball under-inflated would be acceptable, but I was nearly crippled after using it for an hour. Replaced knees do not take kindly to being twisted. One of us will try again when Nathaniel is not working or my arms are feeling strong.

36 thoughts on “Nathaniel as Handyman

    1. The green ball is too large, and I always had trouble sitting on it. The second one I bought was too small. It dumped me on the floor in three seconds. If you buy one, I hope you get a Goldilocks ball — one that is just right.

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  1. I used to have one of those ball-seats; one day, my husband happened to be sitting on it when it suddenly exploded, and he was on the floor; we were both grateful it hadn’t been me, with 2 steel rods in my spine! Since then, I don’t trust them – we now have a wooden chair that is designed to give the same sense of movement and balance as the ball.


      1. We love the chair! It was designed and made by a Swiss artist, and we found it when we were up in the Alps for a long weekend. It’s “springy” with a weave of wooden planks.


  2. Nathaniel at such a young age and so handy to have around – a cook, a fix-it man and a hard worker. He will go far and be the guy that moms hope their daughter will meet one day.


  3. If I followed the wisdom of Nathaniel and fixed everything promptly, oh my, wouldn’t my life be easier? I tend to stack things, this is my preparation for fixing. Honestly, some stacks have been around for years. I never thought of sitting on a ball instead of a hard chair. Great idea.


    1. 🙂 I have a small corner in my loft where I ‘stack’ electrical things that need repairing. But honestly, am i really going to use a ‘fixed’ electrical appliance? I can’t even bear it when plugs spark. 🙂

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  4. I tried using one of those exercise balls as my office chair and I lived to regret it. I fell off it a few times, then locked myself in place so I’d stay put. Later, knees cramped and hips frozen in place I tried to stand up. Once I could feel my extremities again, I kicked that ball into the basement where it belongs. 🤨


  5. Anne, I like that jewellery board in the background (I usually look past the main focus of a picture and find something of interest behind it :-)) Did Nathaniel make that for you aswell?


    1. The board has angels and a couple of crosses on it. I didn’t want nail holes for each piece like I had in the last house. Grandson David gave me the necklace that shows up well. He bought it in New Orleans.

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  6. My jaw is still in its dropped-open state upon reading that you SIT ON A BALL WHILE TYPING!!! Aieeee! Really, I’m in awe of you. Your sense of balance must be amazing!


    1. I like to think I’m on the ball all the time, but such is not the case. My big green ball has died. The tape didn’t hold, and it is self-deflating toward the floor. I bought a smaller one, which turned out to be too small, and it dumped me on the floor. If you get the right size, it’s easy to stay on it. I need a Goldilocks size — not too big and not too small.


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