Unexpected Exploration

When we set out to have lunch with our son John $, we didn’t know we would be exploring. $ is the transplanted Yankee who has a convert’s love of mountains. He left the sands of Long Island behind and explored the Smoky Mountains at every opportunity. He took us to see petroglyphs or pictographs at Paint Rock, just down the road from his place. The photo shows Nathaniel, $, David, and John peering at the rock face beside the road. David shielded John’s eyes from the sun while pointing to the faint red area.

072518 Looking at petroglyphs at Paint Rock N $ D JC.JPG

Scientists believe the painting and etching of the rocks was done 5,000 years ago. My zoomed photos did not show what our eyes saw, but I found an image on the internet that did. This one object was probably less than 12 square inches well above our heads. My photo shows the rock looming over the road.

Crossing into Tennessee on this back road, we stopped at a popular swimming spot. $ said there were usually lots of people sliding down the waterfall and swimming in the stream. We had it to ourselves. Predictably, David wants to go back to swim there.

072518 D N falls near Hot Springs NC.JPG

$ knew to take us across the road where a short path led to a tiny waterfall. I was as close as I could get to take a picture of the grandsons climbing to the top.  $ stood on the path with me to keep me out of trouble.

072518 Boys with small waterfall near Hot Springs.JPG

We had to stop at that point to go to town for lunch, because Nathaniel needed to get home for work. The distance was not far from Hot Springs to Waynesville, but it took about an hour. The twisting road went up and over at least three mountain ridges.  It was a most enjoyable day – seeing new places and spending time with $.

34 thoughts on “Unexpected Exploration

  1. We had several areas with petroglyphs in Colorado, but unfortunately, those close to the ground were defaced years after I first saw them. I was privileged to get to see them in tact when it was a remote hiking trail and few knew about them. I was so disappointed and angry that these ancient drawings met such an end once the area was opened to the public.
    Your area reminds me of some of those by our creek in Alabama. Daddy, said there were Native American markings on rock further in, but over the years it became overgrown and we were not as young as we once were and unable to scale the terrain the last time I was there. Fortunately, those will stay in tact as it’s on our family’s property and not likely to ever be sold.

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      1. Wish it were more common for you. This hasn’t been a “family” summer for us although we did have one step-daughter visit for a few days. Even our family reunion was so soggy that most left early.


        1. Yes, Lise is in the habit of spending Thanksgiving with us. It was wonderful having her here, because the boys never had time off from school to come. Nathaniel might be with us this year. There won’t be time for him to go home to NY. Lise has always been very kind and attentive to her nephews. A couple of years ago she flew them to Denmark to stay with her for several weeks.

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          1. That’s wonderful to have Lise home for Thanksgiving. I thought Nathaniel might be spending Thanksgiving with you and John – John will get him from school I guess or does he come by bus or train? I guess it’s too far for David to travel for just a few days. That’s was nice of Lise to fly them to Denmark – what a great opportunity for the boys.


  2. This is prehistoric history, Anne. I was thrilled reading this post as I love history. I looked up petroglyphs on the net and saw the marvellous colours they are made of. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us. And the smaller waterfalls on backroads- I love all waterfalls and really can understand your love for them.How exciting that you could cross into TN through that back road. Altogether a very exciting getaway.


          1. They are in my home state but we need to go to the mountains of my state to see them. My state is sort of like NC with the sea, backwaters, marshy lands, and mountains- there are no deserts there.


  3. As always you make the most of your time with family. The area you were in looked lovely and it’s great to have the petrographs too high for vandals. I bet it’s not long before David wants to go back to swim in the stream.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


    1. Neighbor Bob put the painting on the floor as we sat down to visit. It’s now on a credenza, leaning against the wall. When John Spencer was born, his 4-year-old twin cousins called him John Spensive. I began to write his name as John $pencer, shortened to John $, and finally $.


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