Heavy Heads

It was late afternoon, after David worked a morning shift and Nathaniel wandered around an antique mall with me on his day off. John was watching live cams of a tourist railroad in New Mexico, and we were sitting in the office chatting. David flopped on the floor, laying his head on my feet. Not to be outdone, Nathaniel stretched himself under the desk to lay his head on Grandpa’s lap. There was a great deal of merriment and teasing about our pretended exhaustion. Though the photo isn’t particularly good, it caught the lighthearted moment.

080118 Heavy heads.JPG

In May and June, the summer stretched ahead of us, and suddenly we are trying to cram in everything before it’s time to pack them off to college. We wouldn’t hold them back for anything, as they need to get on with their lives, but how tightly we are holding onto the memories!

31 thoughts on “Heavy Heads

  1. Great photograph. I didn’t even notice Nathaniel until I read through the post. Everything is going so fast. I don’t want summer to end.

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  2. The long and short days of summer fun. I know the feeling of when your vacation is nearly getting over. There is a pit in the stomach and feeling of not looking forward to a change. I can so identify.
    Anne, you still will have us.


  3. This is such a fun shot – how good it is to have a camera and capture all the “Kodak moments” … I think once 4th of July has passed, it just zooms so fast to Labor Day. They are also liking the Summer months with their jobs being the only intrusion in their young lives – soon it will be hitting the books and school business … at least they have the holiday visit to look forward to. Their visits keep you and John young.


    1. The boys know I keep all my photos. They are too much in-the-minute to save things right now. I’m sure their aunt (daughter Lise) will make sure they see pictures from their youth. Do you have some fun photos of your own children to show them???

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