Simple Pleasures

Both grandsons had pleasant experiences the same day. Nathaniel went with us to Asheville on his day off. I had an appointment, so we dropped him off at an antique mall while I saw the doctor. We weren’t sure if there were enough things to occupy him for an hour, but I figured he’d strike up a conversation with someone if he found nothing of interest. My appointment did not take long. I texted Nathaniel to let him know we were on the way. The antique place was much larger than we thought, so we wandered around looking for him. He came toward us with a big smile on his face, and he was holding several records. If we had time, he had things he wanted to show Grandpa. I enjoyed watching the grandson/granddad interplay. John ended up buying a book on trains, several train magazines, and a record. Who knew he would be tempted in that place???

080618 N and JC at antique mall in Asheville.JPG

When David came home at the end of his shift, I sat chatting with him while he ate. My eyes snapped to attention when I saw movement in the pasture. The horses were back!! The owners took them somewhere else for several months. Those of us overlooking the pasture had missed them. I quickly texted neighbors Joyce and Shawn to let them know our hoofed friends were back in place. The male, DW, galloped around the whole pasture for sheer joy. Vixen, the female, quietly munched on grass. We saw both roll around on the ground. David was particularly pleased to see them. I cut up an apple for him to feed them. Earlier this year, the horses would stand at the fence for several minutes after we gave them a treat. We’d talk to them and pet them. Today was different. As soon as they realized we had no more apples, they walked away to continue grazing. I got the feeling that no grass is as good as the grass at home.

080618  David gives DW an apple.jpg

080618 David feeds Vixen.jpg

When he got back inside, David said, “My summer is complete. I’m so glad the horses came back before I left.”

I presume John’s pleasure was listening to his new/old record, which Nathaniel put on the turntable when we got home. I’ll bet he has already opened the book he bought, too.

My pleasure of the day was being told I would no longer need a checkup with the oncologist every six months. I’ll go once a year unless I notice any changes. My surgery was four years ago, and I thought I had to wait for the fifth year. The tether has been lengthened. As you can imagine, I am very happy with that.

38 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Glad to hear you had a good doc report. I was ecstatic when I no longer needed an MRI every year! They are all baby steps but toward progress. Horses are wonderful neighbors. No wild parties and so nice to look at!


  2. Smiles all round: Sharing happy news is good for you and everyone you know. Thanks for sharing Anne.
    Forgot to mention the formal meal, we’ve long heard of Christmas in July, your table looked like Thanksgiving in August. We had the same china back when we had the B&B, passed it on to others when we moved to our smaller cottage. Our favorite setting now, two plates with a Rooster on them of course.


    1. How long did you have the B&B? I wish I could have stayed there. We’ve been to a B&B only once, and it was delightful. I love your present setting — two plates with Roosters.


      1. We lived in the house for 12 years, 3500 sq. ft. two wood burning stoves. We worked our butts off for two years to get it ready. Ran the business for 10 years. Great experience, still friends with some guests today. Living 3.5 miles away in 1500 sq. ft. home now.


  3. LOVE shops like that; here we’d call them flea markets.
    Horses make me nervous; it’s their size I guess, also I don’t quite understand them as I do dogs & cats.
    I don’t think I knew about your health challenge, and surgery, Anne! So glad to hear you’ve been given a great report from your doc!! What a relief, eh?!


    1. We have flea markets, too. I think they rank below thrift shops here. I try not to be intimidated by the size of the horses, because I know they respect the fence between us. I had 30 days of cancer. The diagnosis was uterine cancer, and 30 days later it was removed. I’m very grateful to the nurse-practitioner who acted on her hunch that something was wrong.

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      1. Ha, a hierarchy of second-hand sales! What about church bazaars? Yard sales?

        My mom also beat that same type of cancer. I remember the doc telling her that if you have to have a tumour, that was the best place to have it. 😬
        Medical hunches are always good, I think!! So glad for you that she was alert.


          1. No that sounds perfect! I think I would put switch the flea market with the bazaar, maybe. Though it depends on several factors, like is it in a fancy suburb, or… y’know? I love ‘em all!!

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