Luminous Morning

The mist on the mountain was stunning as we walked to the floor of the valley. A chink in the clouds allowed the sun to shine on the mist without hitting anything else. The white mist seemed to glow from within. I waited to take a picture of it until we were away from the service station. By then the scene was not as dramatic, but I aimed the camera at it, anyway.

081018 Luminous clouds near Jonathan Creek.JPG

After we stood listening to Jonathan Creek gurgle, I told John I wanted to sit on the wall around the firehouse flagpole to see what was irritating my foot. I took the sneaker off, found nothing, and put it on again. Before I stood up, a car came toward us. The passenger window opened, and a wizened old man asked if we were okay. The driver, a younger woman, explained that they see us walking all the time and wondered if we needed help. I felt the light of human kindness shining all around us. They saw a possible need and responded to it. I still feel a warm glow every time I think of them. Have you had anyone offer you help recently?

30 thoughts on “Luminous Morning

  1. That was really kind of them to stop Anne. The mist is amazing as if clouds descended upon you. The kindness of my friend Ann Marie overwhelms me sometimes. But she is so kind to all people, that I know that I could never be that good to people. Perhaps it is because Ann Marie was once a nun and having left the convent, she still wants to do good to help people, but even taking away her volunteer day at the soup kitchen, her volunteer work at the nursing home, teaching Sunday school and other church-related activities and she still finds time to run her apartment neighbors to appointments. She is an angel to many.

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  2. What a beautiful picture! Your walks always have such gorgeous scenery, I enjoy it so much. The act of kindness is heartwarming, I’m glad that they stopped to check on you. I had a stranger in the store smile and ask me how I was. It’s lovely to see such kind souls. Sometimes just a smile can make you feel better. 💗

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  3. My daughter who is doing her Master’s course in a hard specialty, often has to prepare slides from cut surgical specimens. It is a labor intensive job. Recently a couple of her colleagues, noticing that my slightly built daughter was having trouble carrying heavy specimens from one room to the other offered to carry these for her. It made us feel all warm inside.
    The glow from the mist looks probable looked like the cloud that went over the Israelites during the day. It really has an other worldly look to it in your picture.
    Unsolicited kindnesses really make the world go round, I feel.

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  4. I haven’t, but I can certainly see how you would’ve felt that special glow! Just tells us how seldom this happens. At least, here in the big city that’s the case, seems to me.


  5. Gorgeous picture and I love the warmth the act of kindness brought you. It’s amazing how one little sentence or two can lift up our days (or sadly, do the opposite, too). Despite so many differences between people, it seems everyone really just wants to feel they matter.

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