David’s End of Summer

The day before grandson David went back to college, we had a family excursion to the Biltmore estate. David and I particularly wanted to see the Chihuly exhibit. Dale Chihuly is an American artist who creates works of art with blown glass. Our first close view was at the entrance to the mansion, both outside and from the inside.

081318 Biltmore Chihuly exhibit (1).JPG

081318 Biltmore Chihuly exhibit (4).JPG

The winter garden held the only indoor exhibit, for which John and David posed.

081318 Biltmore Chihuly exhibit (3)

081318 Biltmore Chihuly exhibit (6)









My favorites from the Italian garden show David and John near the lily pads, a boat filled with glass creations, and a long view of the largest piece in that area.

Nathaniel and David agreed to stand with a display just outside the conservatory.

081318 Biltmore Chihuly exhibit (22).JPG

My favorite framed shot was in the walled garden.

081318 Biltmore Chihuly exhibit (19).JPG

On the opposite side of the walled garden was the display I voted most colorful.

081318 Biltmore Chihuly exhibit (21).JPG

After our long walk through the mansion and around the grounds, we went for a late lunch at the Moose Cafe. The meals there always start with a huge biscuit for each person, to which you can add sorghum molasses or their special apple butter. It is messy, but oh! so good! We chose chicken with dumplings, fried mountain trout, pork chops, and fried pollock. The young men fell asleep on the ride home, while I was glassy-eyed. They didn’t wake up when John and I stopped at the local produce stand to buy a huge heirloom Cherokee tomato for ‘mater sandwiches for supper. We ended with a juicy local watermelon, one of David’s favorites. We could have used showers after that messy meal.

49 thoughts on “David’s End of Summer

  1. Beautiful pics! Sorry the time with David has disappeared so fast, though. Beautiful memories before a send-off. Lucky young man.


  2. Thank you for sharing the Chihuly exhibit. I understand that a similar colorful tree by Chihuly exists in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the corporate headquarters of Meijer, the grocery store where I shop. I’ve never been there but I hear it is a spectacular exhibit. I’m sorry to hear David is going back to school but hopefully the time will pass quickly before he returns at Thanksgiving or Christmas break.


          1. He has a lot of stamina – I am nodding off here and only went to the grocery store this morning and parked myself at the computer all day. I have to get off here, not just the late hour, but it is starting to thunder out there – 36 hours of rainy and stormy weather.


  3. Wow! When did they add that? I don’t remember seeing it when Russ and I went. It’s been awhile, but I didn’t think it had been that long ago. What a great trip!!!


  4. What a great excursion to end summer vacation. The blown glass art is terrific. I live in an area where this is still practiced on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces of art.


      1. I gave my son a gift certificate to make his own paperweight at Wheaton Village, a glass-blowing establishment and museum near us.


      1. Must pass. Have been to the Biltmore numerous times however. Thank you for the offer. September & October busy months for me doing house sitting and pet feeding. It’s my side work that pays for electronic toys. We shall take a few days and go to PA to see some Fall colors. Granddaughter Abby will fill in for my obligations. On one visit to the Biltmore we got caught in a violent rain storm in the lower Azalea garden. We could not traverse the steps to the main garden due to the water cascading like Niagara Falls. We were saved by grounds maintenance workers while huddled under a large Pine. We remember it vividly still.


  5. I had no idea that Chihuly was at the Biltmore. I’ve seen his work in various places and it is fascinating. Plus I’ve been to the Biltmore and it’s on my list to revisit. Hmmm… she says while hatching a plan.


  6. Great way to spend a last day with David. Chihuly’s work is amazing! I got to see it at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and then later in Seattle where he has a whole museum—beautiful work.


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