John’s Birthday

To celebrate John’s birthday, we went to the restaurant where grandson Nathaniel worked for the past two summers. As the camera came out, son John $ adroitly offered to take our photograph, thereby getting on his preferred side of the camera. I took comfort in knowing I could erase anything I didn’t like.

091418 Birthday dinner at J Arthur's.JPG

John likes that restaurant for one particular dish, which they do well. All their food is good, but I go there to bask in reflected glory. One of the owners generally cruises the dining room, and John lets her know we are Nathaniel’s grandparents. Last year she beamed on us and told us what a marvelous worker he was. This year she called over the other owner, and he joined her in praising our favorite chef-in-training. Their words were glowing, and I took in every syllable. I looked at my plate and took myself down a notch. If Nathaniel had been working there, he would have peeled the potatoes.

Later we had John’s favorite dessert, angel food cake with strawberries and whipped topping. As we sat on the porch, we told $ that we’d heard coyotes howling in the pasture the night before. We’d never heard them so close or so persistent before. Although we were not frightened, he assured us that no coyote had ever killed a human.

091418 John's birthday cake.JPG

The next morning, John saw the single candle left from the night before and stuck it in a biscuit. It was his official birthday, after all. Normally I cannot do two things at once, but I did that time. I pulled out the camera to take a shot of this shady character, and I sang Happy Birthday.  $, right beside me, declined to sing. If you listen carefully, you can hear his silence.

091518 Birthday biscuit.jpg

52 thoughts on “John’s Birthday

            1. I was surprised at how well I felt I knew two bloggers just by writing. Meeting them face to face was icing on the cake — not necessary, but most exciting. We bloggers are writers, so we tend to write clearly and read with understanding. That puts us ahead of the general population.

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  1. Dear John,
    Happy birthday to you. Thank you for sharing Anne with us. She is an angel herself. The sweet words of the restaurant owners would have been a great birthday gift. May you run many more trains.

    The photo was so cute of the two of you. If I had one like that, it would adorn our show case( front room cupboard).

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  2. Many Happy Returns to the lovely John!
    Is this the moment I sing.. “21 today, 21 today. He’s got the key of the door, never been 21 before … .. . ” etc.

    Ah … just thought … you might not know that song in your corner of the world …. so …. I give you a link to YouTube where you can hear it….

    GREAT post Anne. Fabulous photos. ~ Cobs. x


  3. I love your photographs and moments from John’s birthday. Happy Birthday, John! I would beam with pride over Nathaniel too. I adore my grandsons and grand-daughters and can only imagine I will love them even more the older they become.

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  4. Happy Birthday to your John!! Wow that angel-food cake with strawberries & topping – mmmmm I’m drooling, looks so good! Great pics as always, Anne! And $’s too! 😀


      1. Yes! He’s still about 2 hrs away. It’s a pretty long slog mostly in a 2-lane highway exc for the last bit, the bit he’s on now which is 4 lanes at least. My stomach’s been so nervous all day. Such a long drive for him. All previous times he came were by bus.


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