Albert, the Vacuum

Albert, neighbor Marla’s German Spitz, loves to sniff around Bob’s car when we meet at the bus stop. Bob invited the dog in, saying there were some spilled Cheerios he could clean up. Albert was delighted and set to work as we humans talked.

092018 Albert vacuums Bob's car.JPG

Logan (8) was out of sight, running back and forth from the car to the end of the street. We laughed when Bob said quietly, “I feel sorry for the teacher.”

When the car was clean, Albert was petted before heading in to breakfast.

092018 Albert petted after cleanup.JPG

All that activity was in sharp contrast to the beginning of our walk. A deer paused to look at us through the heavy mist, well before the sun burned off the moisture.

091918 Deer on Woodmore before foggy dawn.JPG

Near the creek, John said, “My hair is wet from the mist.”

I replied, “Mine is, too.” Laughing, I said, “I had to touch my hair, didn’t I? It’s like wet paint! You see the sign and have to check to see if the paint is dry.”

36 thoughts on “Albert, the Vacuum

    1. Logan still has energy after school. He played a slow game of checkers with John today, and then he asked for a balloon. He knows where we keep them. John and I batted the balloon about the living room with him until he was red in the face. We were sitting on chairs and got a hearty workout, but he jumped about the room like he had Flubber on his feet.

      xxx Flubber Hugs xxx


  1. What a treat to see the deer and in the mist. Do you see them often Anne? I don’t recall you mentioning them since I’ve been following you. I was so ecstatic to see the doe and fawn a few weeks ago. You would think I was the same age as Logan.


    1. We saw deer on our property only once in four years. Several times we’ve seen them crossing a road, but it does not happen often. The mountain we live on has a scattering of homes near the valley, and the slopes are all forested. There is plenty of space for the wild animals.

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      1. That would make my morning like it did when I went to Hines Park, and even went I saw them the day I went on the two nature treks at Lake Erie Metro Park. I had a great morning at Council Point Park. I saw a Merganser duck – never saw one before “live” – only in pictures. Saw the heron up close. Saw a bunch of turtles and the biggest treat was seeing the monarchs that have begun their migration to a warmer climate – must’ve seen 30-40 of them but the winds were gusting 20-25 mph and they could not alight so I gave up taking any pictures – as soon as I got close, they flew off for a more secure landing spot. I hated to come here as I’ve got a real boring day lined up, but it was very hot (75 degrees) and very humid when I was out and the breeze did not help in the least bit.


          1. Yes, I wish it had been a female with those unusual-looking feathers, but it was a male. It was interesting watching it; at first I thought it was a loon. I was in the middle of a document and I save constantly, but had just done a really complicated paragraph with all his changes and my power went out … we are having a storm this afternoon and it is very windy. I shut my A/C off so the power doesn’t go off while it is running – going to get very warm in here. I will be glad when this weather stabilizes.


              1. Yes, it is really wearisome. I shut the A/C off as the wind was gusting and worried the power may go out. All around the Downriver area (probably 5-6 cities in my area) there are multiple power outages. It is getting quite warm in here, but wind is gusting at 35 mph. I am looking forward to a cooler weekend. I do hope it stays. I saw loons when we were up in northern Michigan back in the late 60s. My parents rented a cottage and we heard them calling at night and saw them on the lake when it was dusk. Heard the moose calling one another too … all night long. Very loud!!!

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  2. Our dog Benji is like a vacuum too. What would I do without him? when the grandsons come over to visit, I never have to clean up under the table. Benji does that for me!


      1. One time and I got very s aged as the road was covered in snow and ice and the car didn’t in a movie the deer stayed there in the middle of the road looking at me at then fortunately run back from where he came.😱


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