Local Emergency News

As we walked near the firehouse, a volunteer fireman called a greeting to us. He was taking his boots and some other things inside. He teased us about exercising, and we began to chat. We like hearing about volunteer fire departments, since we know several volunteers. Two are named Dennis, one in Stony Brook and another upstate NY. My brother was also an active one when he lived near Charlotte.

This man said they had a busy week last week. There was a house fire with one dead, a car fire, and one other event that John and I couldn’t remember. When we showed interest, he explained that the house fire was probably caused by propane. They think the man accidentally turned on the stove without realizing it. John heard his soft comment that alcohol could have been an issue. Those were sobering facts, and we didn’t probe. John asked about the average number of calls per year. The answer was 700! That would work out to almost two per day! We may live out in the country, but we generate our fair share of emergencies.

Jonathan Creek fire station.JPG

We walked home, appreciating our peaceful breakfast on the back porch. For the foodies – we had fresh-baked cardamom muffins and hot coffee.

34 thoughts on “Local Emergency News

    1. I admire you for being a firefighter and paramedic. Marvelous! John was with one of our visiting volunteer friends near the creek, and they were invited inside the firehouse for a thorough tour.


    1. I discovered the taste of cardamom in my mother-in-law’s Norwegian Christmas cookies. The spice comes from India and can be used in sweet or savory dishes. I have tea from Iran that is flavored with cardamom. I wish you could taste the spice some time. There is nothing else like it.

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      1. I may try it. I found a recipe for it and there is a spice place at our farmers market that sells small amounts inexpensively. I haven’t found it in baked goods locally. We have Indian restaurants but I’m not a fan of curry so I never go there.


  1. That’s a lot of fire emergencies! We had another natural gas explosion last week.
    The City was not close to here, but in the Tri-Coumty area. The house was for sale and prospective buyers were in there. They were wrapping up some details and had purchased it earlier in the week. The force of the explosion threw two people on the front lawn. It’s very scary as we have about 2-3 of those natural gas explosions in Michigan a year. They are still determining the cost. I have never had that spice before unless my mom used it and I don’t know it.


  2. Anne,
    Listening to the volunteer stories really sobers one up and makes us appreciative of how much protection we have- earthly and heavenly. It is sad that there are very few taking up volunteer jobs. The cardamom muffins would have been lovely.

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  3. Thinking of that cardamon muffins. I have a jar of cardamon seeds here from the Middle East. I put them sometimes in coffee. I was wondering though if they will grow here.


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