Logan’s Last Stop for Trick or Treating

Neighbor Logan (8) came to us just before his bedtime, wearing his full Halloween costume. He said he’d had a great Halloween, borne out by his beaming smile. I don’t always get everything he says, because he talks as fast as he runs. I have slow ears. I think he was at an event at church, followed by trick or treating with his niece Lily in town. Swooping about on city streets would certainly beat going to three or four homes in our rural neighborhood.

103118 Logan trick or treating.JPG

Logan limited himself to a few Kit Kats from our dish, which I thought showed remarkable restraint. He didn’t know when he stepped in the door that we had something other than sweets for him. A few days ago John gave him a drink, and Logan picked out a new owl mug we had on the shelf. John commented on it later, saying the boy always chose our old owl mug whenever it was out. That’s when we realized he might enjoy owning this new one. He immediately gave us an enthusiastic thank you when John handed it to him. Kudos to his parents’ training! I took a quick photo as Logan posed patiently for me. None of us noticed that the owl mug was facing Logan, so you can’t see its face.

103118 Logan with his owl mug.JPG

We rushed him out the door so that he could get to bed. A few minutes later, Shawn texted his reaction. He told her, “This is my favorite mug ever!”

34 thoughts on “Logan’s Last Stop for Trick or Treating

    1. Golly! We have tons of mugs, collected since the 80s. There are two more owl mugs, one of which we’ll give our son who loves owls. The other one will be out only until after Thanksgiving. That’s when we bring out all the Christmas mugs. There are too many of them to fit on the shelves.

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  1. What a nice story Anne – I’ll bet he was surprised and you can tell how important it was from Shawn’s text of Logan’s reaction. I loved your line “I have slow ears” – I do too and most young people talk at the speed of sound. Nice to know it is not just me.

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      1. I have that problem if I go into a store … I have few interactions with store clerks as it is mostly the grocery store where I go, but when I’ve gone to Best Buy for computer or camera accessories/needs or have to call Comcast for internet interruptions, I always get someone who speaks a mile a minute and I’m trying to comprehend what they are saying …. it is very frustrating.

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  2. This was a Happy Halloween tale. I loved the owl mug- maybe I will gift myself one too- It looks so cute. It is these little things that make people actually happy and not the big, showy gifts, I guess. He will cherish this memory for a long time. How lucky he is to have so many loving people in his life.


    1. Logan had one more neighborhood stop to make, but neighbor Dawn texted me she was going to bed. I headed Logan off and suggested he go there the next day. It’s nice he had another thing to look forward to.

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