Logan Gets a Break

When neighbor Logan came in the house with John, I was shocked to see something bright red on his arm. Two days ago he broke his wrist while roller skating at a rink with a friend. It didn’t interfere with playing checkers. He said his cast is anti-itch, and he will keep it on for a month.

110618 Logan's cast for broken wrist.JPG

It was Logan’s idea to play balloon, and his cast did not slow him down one bit. For the most part, he played one-handed and two-footed. Once in a while, when a balloon came straight at him, he used the cast. We cringed when he kicked the balloon and hit the piano bench with his toe. It was the first time I’d seen a male toe-dancing. With no fanfare, Logan went right on playing with us.

110618 Logan plays balloon with his feet.JPG

Pause while I tried to break my own bones. I pulled cinnamon-pecan rolls from the refrigerator, set them out to warm, tripped over my own foot and couldn’t catch myself on the counter. As the scenery tilted, I said to myself, “I’m going to fall.” Wham! Nothing felt broken. I sat up, scooted over to the table, and did what I’ve been practicing – getting up from the floor, almost gracefully, with the help of a chair.  It was easier 74 years ago.

There was one classic Logan shot – moving parts a blur. He was on the floor as much as on his feet, returning that balloon with a hand, a foot, or a head. We had gotten a pretty good workout before Bob came over to get him.

110618 Logan is a blur playing balloon.JPG

46 thoughts on “Logan Gets a Break

  1. What is it with age and balance? My has gone off several times. Logan is doing great. It’s an age thing for him too, but they say being around young people keeps us younger. So ….why then do i feel drained after a afternoon with the grands.?


  2. Thank goodness you are okay and didn’t damage your store-bought knees! We all used to much more limber – these days if I’m in the car longer than five or ten minutes, I have to grab onto something as the car feels so low to the ground. I definitely have to start exercising to limber up … I say that the beginning of each year as a resolution. Not proud to say it hasn’t happened yet.


      1. Yes, I borrowed my mother’s expression for her artificial hip. I was not that clever. That’s a shame you were struck by a cyclist – no one pays attention and just this morning, enroute to the Park, a woman was driving, talking on the phone and turned right in front of me in front of a school. She never saw me but I saw her not stopping at the stop sign, so stepped back and stopped in my tracks. She saw me and mouthed “I’m sorry” but it doesn’t cut it lady. This is a school for mentally and developmentally disabled children and adults. They come with parents to be dropped off at school or arrive by bus, but they dart into the street all the time.


          1. Boy you should send that idea to Samsung or Apple – sure it would tick off the users of phones but can you imagine how many people would be alive today if people didn’t text and drive or talk and drive – even watch movies and drive. Here is a terrible case happened in Michigan … this guy was not only drinking, but he was texting and Googling names of str*p clubs while driving over the speed limit in a construction zone. A woman and passenger were ahead of him and they slowed down in the construction zone – he did not. They were killed. They should have put him in jail forever and thrown away the key in my opinion.


              1. I know and because he was an assistant coach at a major university they kept all the details of what happened the night of the accident under wraps – all that info in the article came out at the time of the trial, then the sentencing.

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      1. I love a good headline – when I started by blog in 2013 my “thing” was a one-paragraph post with a one-word headline. I thought that was unique … I didn’t always even use a picture in those days and if I did it was a stock photo. When I joined the Patch.com blogging group, the Community Engagement Editor for the Midwest, who was in charge of overseeing our posts, suggested that I make separate paragraphs and a longer headline to grab reader’s attention. To be honest, I was miffed and I told her that I sometimes spent the rest of my walk home trying to decide what one word exemplifed that day’s walk/post but I would take it under consideration along with having more white space. I decided to go with her suggestion and the rest is history. 🙂


  3. Poor Logan I thought.I remember being in twin casts a century ago and could only find relief with a knitting needle.Then I read, itch free. Wow, how lucky is that. Checkers sounded suitably subdued after his injury but how wrong can I be.Nothing keeps him down does it?
    However, there’s plenty to keep us down when we go. Gravity is not my friend., it seems to have taken a liking to you this time bringing you low but without damage (except to dignity). I’m so glad you were unhurt. Stay that way please.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx


  4. Don’t fall. I say that to myself with more frequency. It’s a mantra in the winter when the ice and snow arrive. I have, however, not yet said it to myself in the kitchen. But when I do I shall think fond thoughts of you, and how you used a chair to get back on your feet. Be safe.


  5. It seems when you’re are young a broken bone with a cast can be like a trophy. He will now talk about “when I broke my arm” for the rest of his life. LOL. I am thankful you did not win that kind of trophy.


  6. Oh Anne, so glad you weren’t hurt or that Logan’s toe wasn’t broken. My older son broke his wrist when he was young, and many of my school friends did too…must be a common break. I end to fall outside on uneven ground when my moments to go down happen. I’ll be gardening…forget what I’m doing and fall victim to tangled feet. I just hope the neighbors aren’t watching when it happens.


    1. Our grandson Nathaniel broke his wrist when he was about Logan’s age. I never thought of that as being common, but it must be, as you said.

      I hope you have no trouble getting up when you fall in the garden. I’m thinking I want the neighbors to see me so that they would come to my rescue.


  7. Oh, at least the cast is a cheery color – and kids do heal more quickly than adults (so be careful with that!)
    So nice he plays checkers – board games are important for mental and social skills – no enough children have a chance to play much less learn the games


    1. Logan’s parents limit his time on line, so John and I try to keep him occupied without using our TV or computer. Logan is 8 and is a good match at checkers for John. I avoid playing with him, because he beats me every time. I can still beat him at Peggity, so he doesn’t like playing that game with me.

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  8. My natural urge is to say ‘poor Logan’… however, I can easily slip back (mentally) to my childhood and remember how much I (and my friends who hadn’t already) desperately wanted to break my arm or leg. It was a trophy I (and my friends) never managed to get, but ohhhh how we longed to have a broken arm so that we could get people to sign it, and write bits of fun or draw funny photos on it.

    Now, however, breaking something is the stuff of nightmares for me. I worry about one day falling and breaking something which might need to be re-set, or worse still – replaced! (Hip etc). My worst fear is that I might break either my Femur or my shoulder.

    Children have no fear do they Anne. How fabulous it would be to be young again. Sliding and skidding along the icy footpath ON PURPOSE, and loving it! LOL. ahhh, I remember it well.

    GREAT post Anne.
    My good wishes for a speedy recovery go to Logan.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


    1. You have vivid memories of cast envy!!! I don’t think any of my close friends or those of my brother ever broke a bone. You are right about broken bones being the stuff of nightmares now. I remember we used to slide on the hardwood floors with socks on our feet. I wouldn’t voluntarily do that now!!

      Sending you sliding hugs!

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