Guest in the Hospital

We were having supper and noticed a car in front of our house. When my phone rang, we were sure it was John’s cousin Peter and wife Debi announcing they were outside as expected. Debi was talking, but she explained that she was in the emergency room of a Knoxville hospital. They had driven from Illinois, and she didn’t feel well. She ended up being admitted to the hospital for further tests. After niece Julie left us the next morning, daughter Lise, grandson Nathaniel, John, and I drove an hour and a half to Knoxville to visit Peter and Debi in the hospital. We were afraid they would have to return to Illinois without seeing us. Probably because we went, Debi was cleared to leave about two and a half hours after we got there. I made them pose in the hospital room for illustrative purposes. You can’t see the grumbling, can you?

112418 Debi in hospital.JPG

A light-hearted moment came when Lise dared Nathaniel to sit on her lap.

112418 N sits on Lise's lap Knox hospital.JPG

Backtrack with me to breakfast. Nathaniel wanted to make biscuits from a recipe one of his culinary teachers gave him. He kindly posed with the biscuits. I told him friends Karen and Al from NY, who know Nathaniel well, would drool over that plate. My opinion? The biscuits were easily the best I’ve ever eaten. They were buttery, flaky, tender, and as tasty as could be.

112418 Nathaniel's biscuits.JPG
Disregard the bed-head.  He looked normal later.

Nate’s Aunt Lise asked him to turn around. What was on his pants? It was a floury hand-print, which called for another documentary photo.

112418 Flour hand-print.JPG

Hours later we had our second Thanksgiving feast, left-overs reheated. It was easy for me with no prep involved and with Nathaniel as the kitchen assistant. John and Nathaniel set the table, and we were all thankful and relaxed after a long day.

112418 Second Thanksgiving.JPG
Nathaniel, Lise, John, Peter, and Debi

Nathaniel, bless his heart, insisted on washing the dishes while we visited with Debi and Peter. One of these days he might be declared a national treasure.

112418 Nathaniel does dishes.JPG

20 thoughts on “Guest in the Hospital

    1. The last two times Debi and Peter tried to visit, they never made it. A couple of years ago NC had wild fires, and his compromised lungs couldn’t come near our area. The last time was maybe a year ago when Peter came down with the flu and turned back at Knoxville. We were very pleased they were able to make it this time.

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  1. Nathaniel is a gem, that’s for sure … glad your friends got to spend time with you after the mishap. Those biscuits look light as a feather thanks to Chef Nathaniel! Your posts make me smile as you area always laughing and enjoying one another.

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  2. Debi here. I was so blessed to have John and Anne, Lise and Nate come all the way over to Knoxville to visit me. I figured that was the best guarantee that I would get released soon, and I was, while they were there! We got to have a nice couple of days to visit.

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