Before cousins Debi and Peter left, they brought out their instruments. Peter played the small psalmodikon and demonstrated the larger one.


He has researched the history of these instruments and could easily tell you far more than you could remember. He showed John something about the more common dulcimer.

112618 {ete demonstrates the dulcimer.JPG

Debi plays them, as well as the hammered dulcimer. She didn’t bring it with her, but I love to hear her play.

There was just time for a quick visit with the neighbor horses before they left. Some people like horses at a distance, but Debi gave them a treat in order to see them up close.

112618 Debi feeds DW.JPG

29 thoughts on “Psalmodikon

  1. Good Heavens, how lacking i my education. I’ve never heard of a Psalmodikon either large or small and I thought they stopped playing the dulcimer in the middle ages and again I’ve never heard of a hammered dulcimer, just the common one. They must be very talented musicians. I’m glad the visit went so well..
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx


  2. Wow – I am surprised that is even a word and have no idea how to pronounce it – I bet the demonstration was fascinating. I think I will bookmark this and show it to my daughter -the musician- She loves all musical instruments. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. Love the pictures, and the comments on your blog! The instrument is pronounced “sal-MOWD-i-kon,” and it sounds a little bit like a cello sometimes (and a rusty gate at others). I’m linking to an article I wrote for the American psalmodikon society’s newsletter a couple of years ago, and you can hear a very good Swedish folk musician named Gunnar Fredelius playing it by googling keywords: gunnar fredelius psalmodikon.


  4. Oh, I love interesting instruments. In Alabama, the locals would meet once a month, first Fridays, to this farm that had a barn where inside it was like the grand ol’ opry. Everyone who played an instrument brought them and went to “jam” and have a great time. Those of us who didn’t play brought treats and snacks to share and sang along where possible. It would go on into the late night or until we tired. I was revved the first time I went to one, it was like something you’d see in a movie.


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