Thanksgiving in the Mirror

All the fun people who stayed with us the week before and after Thanksgiving went home. This was the most hectic and satisfying November holiday we’ve ever had. There is one thing I would have changed, and that is cousin Debi’s overnight stay in the hospital on her way here. We were sorry to lose a day of visiting, but we were thankful she was fine.

It would have been great to have a laugh-meter to measure our mirth. I don’t know why we found so many things amusing, but we did and usually do. The turkey was perfect, serving us twice with a half cup left over. I think it fed 13 in total. Wouldn’t it be nice if all turkeys were so well-behaved? Stuffing was another matter. We need to buy some chicken to make the quart of it disappear.

I thought life might become a bit boring after Thanksgiving, but it didn’t. A couple we have begun to know at church sat in the pew in front of us. What a surprise it was to see them heading to the front door of a restaurant across town as we pulled into the parking lot! Linda and Gil invited us to share a table, and we had a delightful meal together. While they waited for me to finish eating, Gil told a story while folding a napkin. He is an illusionist, occasionally giving the children’s sermon in church, using magic to make a point. Everyone sits up to see what he will do. At the table he tore up the folded napkin and used the pieces to finish telling the story. What fun! I took photos, but I did not ask their permission to post them. A woman at the next table spoke to Gil as we got up. She had enjoyed his story, too.

Monday, neighbor Shawn asked if we would be home at school bus time, in case she didn’t get back from an appointment in time to get Logan. I texted her that we would be home all day and might get lonely by afternoon. She sent a grin back and said Logan had missed us. Logan probably asked to come over to see us during the past two weeks, and his parents would have told him to stay away because we had company. Shawn was back in time for the bus. John was outside raking leaves, and Logan joined him.

120318 Logan helps John rake leaves.JPG

Logan raked and said it was fun to use the wheelbarrow. He offered to wheel the leaves down to the burn pile. John went with him the first time or so, and then they took turns. John said he handled it skillfully all by himself. He takes after his practical, hard-working parents. The November holiday may be over, but life in the mountains continues to delight us.

32 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the Mirror

    1. Lise was here two weeks. Nathaniel and Julie stayed one week. Patty was here two days, I think. Barbara and Thom slept here one night. You and Peter were here parts of three days. Doesn’t sound like much written out like that, does it?


  1. Logan is learning much from you – now you can have a breather, enjoy your mountains and continue to reflect on family, good friends and good food and the wonderful memories that were made in the month of November.


  2. …..As you continue to delight us with your tales Anne. It’s no surprise you had a houseful, people must love being here to join in the mirth and maybe to add to it. Always nice to read about Logan and what a help he was to John. I hope he came in afterwards for a game of some kind.
    I look forward to seeing pictures of the decorations and maybe pictures of the ‘napkin’ story from your illusionist friend once you have permission.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Huge Hugs from Wales.


    1. I think the folks who visit us are comfortable here. We’ve been blessed to know quite remarkable people!

      Logan came in while working to get a drink. He loves our array of sodas. After working hard, he told John he had to do homework. He didn’t know I had already hidden a granola bar for him. That’s a standard part of his coming to see us. It will stay there until the next time he comes.

      xxx Huge Hugs of Mirth xxx


        1. Our dressy tableware should be hand-washed, but we throw it in the dishwasher anyway. No one is likely to use it after us, so we just enjoy it now. The one who most appreciates it is grandson Nathaniel. He already thinks of presentation.

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    1. I had the best help this Thanksgiving, something you would appreciate. I tend to sink into despair when tired, and then all I think about is myself. I kept two verses in my head: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. and Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. Being joyful in serving others wouldn’t be possible without that grounding. I had lots to thank the Lord for this Thanksgiving.


  3. I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving and all the festivities. Your little neighbor boy Logan is so lucky to have you and John. I bet he was so happy that he was allowed to visit again.

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