Minor Flooding

The rain was very effective here. John drove out to run a few errands and came back to get me to see the high levels of brooks and creeks. We came to Park Branch first, and it overflowed its banks on the left. This little stream dries to a trickle in the summer.

122818 Park Branch overflowing.JPG
The tree above came down in the snow storm a few weeks ago.

Jonathan Creek was also impressive. Included are views up-stream, across, and down-stream.


While in town, we went to Richland Creek near the rec center. No one would want to sit on that bench.

122818 Richland Creek near Rec Center flooding.JPG

Son John $ sent us a photo of the cabin he arranged for us to stay in after Thanksgiving. His friend Rose saw the full deck of a house floating by. Logs, picnic tables, and chairs are now hung up in low trees and littering the highway in his area. Old-timers there said they had never seen the river so high.

122818 Flood near cabin where Lise and I stayed.jpg

I haven’t read a paper or seen news on TV, so I don’t know if there was much damage from the storm. Maybe I’ll get back in touch with the world next year.

30 thoughts on “Minor Flooding

  1. Our local park flooded it’s creek as it always does with a lot of rain. It looks like a huge pond and the ducks take advantage of it. Fortunately we didn’t have any real damage to property. We are in for another soaker NYE. The good news is that it isn’t snow.

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  2. I hope things have not got desperate Anne. It can’t be good when the streams, creeks brooks and rivers start taking out the highway.like that. It makes for spectacular photographs but must leave you quite worried.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. The flooded highway was several mountains over. That community is lower than we are, so they had run-off from great distances. They also have a river, whereas we have only creek and streams.

      xxx Flooding Hugs xxx


  3. That’s just amazing – I did hear about your weather/flooding on the radio news (CBS affiliate) yesterday. They mentioned South Carolina having some weather woes as well – hopefully John’s sister’s home is okay. They didn’t say where in SC.


      1. They do generalize on the CBS news – it is only three or four minutes at the top of the hour and about a minute update at the bottom of the hour. They refer to “The Carolinas” and mentioned that to Evelyn once, and she having grown up in Charleston as you know, thought that was just plain weird. We have freezing rain/light snow right now … glad I took the car out today. It was this sleety pellet stuff so I came home and took it for a spin … I had intended to go for a longer trip tomorrow, but maybe not.

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  4. I always find flooding to be a bit exciting, but I sure do not like for it to damage homes or property. Here, with our sandy soil and sand rock hills, it’s not uncommon to have rushing water cut giant gullies and ravines in no time at all. I’m glad you didn’t have any damage from the flooding.


  5. While working on my Ph.D. I recall living in the country in a house way up the hill in Tennessee. To access the house, we had to drive over a trickle of water called a creek which sometimes raged and became impassable. Those were the days. We just waited for the water to trickle again. Love your photos.


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