Magnetic Mobile

Grandson David had a magnet in his hand as he walked by one of his cousin’s Christmas mobiles. He found the wires were magnetic, so we sat down at the table and played with it. David made it look easy to cause the stars to turn by moving the magnet in circles. If his hand went too close, the small stars jumped and glued themselves to the magnet. When that happened, we couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing. I tried it, and after a few moments, I handed the magnet back to the master mover.

Here is a photo in case you can’t see the video clip.

010319 David moved mobile with a magnet.JPG


Our nephew, Christopher Pollock, is an artist, and he created the mobile shown here. I particularly like his mobiles and stick figures. This link to his blog will take you to the kinetic area.

29 thoughts on “Magnetic Mobile

  1. I like to keep these sort of objects and table top “games”, (like the hand made types found at Cracker Barrel gift shops) handy. They keep keep my whole family entertained and usually laughing. Good video clip! Thank you for the link, Anne.

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  2. Very nice art pieces. For company, I like puzzles nearby. Everyone will take turns trying to find at least one or two pieces, but sometimes one will get addicted and have to see it through to the end.


  3. I went to the website and interesting pieces – I’ve never seen or heard of this type of art. And David discovering what he could do with a magnetic – you could see him smiling in the video you made.

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      1. That is good because David will enjoy life more than many people who have forgotten how to smile and just enjoy the simple joys. I think David and Nathaniel get that attitude toward fun and life from you and John.


          1. I just did a long post and when I cut-and-pasted the narrative into Word, it was in telephone book sized font (no one would know what that means these days) … and in Reader everything seems small. I can’t read Reader tonight as too late … just wondering if it is me as it seemed okay earlier?

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              1. I found out why after I wrote this – I somehow hit a “button”? that reduced the size to 50%. I clicked on the cog wheel up on the notifications area and saw that and increased it to 100% – no idea what I did, but happy I discovered it – wish I found it earlier. I have to reduce the pictures on my blog post from yesterday doesn’t affect in Reader, but they very big. It was a good thing I drafted the post in Word, so knew it was okay but I still worried it would have something wrong/misspelled … even when I previewed the post, it was 50%. I finished Reader last night but stayed up til 1:00 a.m. to do so. I feel badly on the people who comment regularly if I don’t keep up with their posts … I have to take my car for a run today – we have dicey weather a few days this week.
                I’d go to the grocery store, don’t need that much and don’t want to go in the afternoon, so will go one morning … I’m set from getting all the groceries in the Fall, just need some fridge stuff, but we are having high winds Monday or Tuesday or don’t want to lose power and lose food, plus the less people to mix and mingle with in Winter time the better – right now the flu in SE Michigan has ramped up, and even with a flu shot and clementines under my belt, I like to be prudent and stay away from crowds … sometimes it sounds like sick bay at the grocery store. I need to drive the car – I had planned a 40-mile trip yesterday to give it a run but we had black ice and freezing fog in the a.m., lasted til past mid-day … we are supposed to have really wintry weather end of the month … then I will get some stuff inside the house done, including learning how to use this big camera on manual settings. I hired a person to shovel snow this Winter so I could get my arm back to 100% but he doesn’t do it unless over 2 inches, so will do one-armed … I need a pic of that!

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