One More Party

John’s sister Chris and Steve had a party for us celebrating two birthdays and a graduation. We met at a restaurant in Columbia, SC, roughly half the distance between our homes. I adore helium balloons, having not had them in my childhood. There was a balloon for three of us, tied to the backs of our chairs. When I took a photo of the group, I concentrated on getting all the faces.

010719 Steve John David Chris.JPG

The faces had smiles on them throughout the meal as we chatted about the joys of cruising (two for, two against, and one not experienced), mutual friends from our church on Long Island, special time that Dr. Mehrling spent with his children, one hilarious story about shoes in bed, and another about a dog house that turned out to be a pump house for the well. As usual, conversation never flagged.

Although the happy faces were no longer under the balloons, I thought the balloons deserved their own preservation. Wait staff and patrons commented on them in the restaurant, and we had many wishes for a happy birthday as we walked outside. Note to self: balloons are real attention-getters in a public place.

010719 Celebration balloons.JPG

24 thoughts on “One More Party

  1. All my grandchildren love balloons too. They were banned from the boy’s home for awhile though…kept getting caught in the ceiling fans. We once used the plain blow-up balloons as a large type of birdie for homemade badminton (in the house). We paddled those balloons around the house with homemade paper plate paddles (rackets). In the end we rubbed the balloons on our hair and the adults stuck them on the ceiling. Yes…I love balloons too.


      1. I’m in the midst of putting mine away…a day at a time. Tomorrow I should be finished. I hate to take that last tree down. It’s beautiful and I really enjoyed it.


  2. Those balloons can sometimes be a challenge getting into a car on a windy day..:) I’d be on the no side of cruises. Motion sickness. But I’d like to do one o those river cruises, I think I can handle that..:)


  3. The party looks wonderful. Happy birthday to all three of you. Balloons can really add to the festive atmosphere, but had I never thought about how balloons can also be attention getters in public places.


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