Hilarity on Qualla Road

The temperature was just below freezing, but it looked a lot colder than that. Rime ice formed on the trees at higher elevations, creating very wintry scenes.

John and I were on the way back from the creek, walking at a good pace before we got to the steep part of Qualla Road. A woman, who was about 40 years old, rolled down the window of her car. We all burst into laughter when she called out, “I want to be like you when I grow up!”

We had no instant reply, but her smiling face and amusing statement made our day.

32 thoughts on “Hilarity on Qualla Road

  1. I would say the same words if it were me driving past!. Even at 50 degrees I can’t take a stroll. I am glad that along with your groom you get to enjoy strolls; it’s moments like that where memories are made💝

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      1. That’s very beautiful Miss Anne💝. My husband is a very quiet man but when are together, we chat alot. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy each other’s company in a Marriage.


      1. You sure are Anne – I have told you before that I envy your retirement, your locale and the family and friends you surround yourself with. Having come from a small family to begin with and now just me, it is something that I feel I missed out on. I am always telling Robb that – he complained last week his brother and his kids (so all Robb’s neices and nephews and their kids) were convening at Robb’s house. His other brother lives in Chile and does not visit the States very much. I told him he should be grateful for his extended family, but it falls on deaf ears.


        1. My family was relatively small. I have no first cousins. My brother and I grew up knowing only three grandparents (one died young), two uncles and one aunt. I was thrilled that my children had six first cousins living in the same town. They saw each other often until they grew up. We may have taken it for granted before we scattered, but we have wonderful memories of a close-knit family.

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    1. I wish compliments helped me climb the steep road home. We were just beginning to go up the hill when the woman stopped and said she wanted to be like us when she grew up. I wouldn’t have asked for a ride, but a tow would have been nice.

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