Sweater’s Dry Storage

Temperatures rose, and we lightened our layers for walking. I still had one layer too many. Normally I would have hung my sweater on Connie’s and Marla’s post, but the 5% chance of rain was hitting my face. Hanging was not the driest option. I hoped my neighbors wouldn’t put outgoing mail in their box, as I pushed the sweater inside and told it to behave itself.

When we came back, we saw Marla and Albert disappearing into their house. The sweater was retrieved, and a quiet adventure in the mountains came to its end.

49 thoughts on “Sweater’s Dry Storage

    1. I think you are right. That sweater must have gone to sleep while I walked to the creek. It wanted to stay in the mailbox and resisted being pulled out. If I’d listened closely, I might have heard a yawn.

      xxx Sleepy-sweater Hugs xxx

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  1. I thought it was a racoon in the letter box at first and then a travel pillow. Glad you remembered to pick it up on the way back. I might have forgotten and have had to go back to get it.


    1. John said the same thing you did. He even reminded me about the sweater as we reached the top of the steep hill. I am going to the closet to reassure the sweater that I did not forget it and did not abandon it. The sweater will be happy to know that you and John were concerned for it.

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                  1. Oh my … anyone who has worn hard contact lenses and gotten a speck of dust, a fiber from a Q-tip when putting on make-up … even a little eye makeup in their eye, knows that pain which cuts like a knife. I have a heavy sweater in the cedar closet downstairs and should take it out – I got it after the sweater incident with the red sweater and my mom was with me and said “are you sure you should after the last episode?” “Yes, it’ll be okay, these are not as furry and it was such a good deal for this heavy sweater and huge cowl neck = so warm for the bus in Winter ” … wrong. I put it away after one wearing, and not only that, I was so itchy, even with a camisole on (anticipated the itch), I was glad it was an easy day at work as I totally had no concentration.


                    1. A few days ago I had an older cardigan that shed because I wore it under a coat. The coat rubbed the fibers, and when I took off the coat, a cloud of blue spread over the floor. It looked like someone had dumped a pillow full of feathers there. At least I wasn’t itchy and at work, like you.

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                    2. After those two clothing adventures, I always paid more attention to what I bought and what I wore. I actually have had wool trouser-style pants that were a problem too and so had to ensure they were lined or wear tights (not even pantyhose) beneath them. I am not allergic to wool. That sweater I have is so warm and it is quite large (I always liked my sweaters large and it is hip length) but it remains untouched all these years. It itched so badly from those long fibers that it was unbearable. I figured I would wear it with a cotton turtleneck underneath, but that turtleneck will likely end up covered in fibers. That red sweater of my mom’s … I felt like I was the walking version of the expression “the fur will fly!”


                    3. It was the plumbers I had in 2017 … I told them they tighten the PVC attachments enough and asked why no plumber’s cement – they said “we only use seals now and the seals conform to the pipe when they get warm” … it leaked three times that day.
                      So plumber got here at 9:55 p.m. (the neighbors’ tongues will be waggin’) … very nice young man and said he would not use plumber’s cement either (just in top, near stem/drain basket) … said the gaskets looked “used” (hmmm, well they would be used) … put in new gaskets and said every few years call them in to come tighten them and when they are in the neighborhood, they’ll pop in – only need a pair of channelk locks to tighten it and I’m good to go.
                      Sigh. There went tonight’s post and my Saturday night … meanwhile for you … Mama’s “purls” or wisdom … she said always keep a dishpan under every pipe in the house. Mama kept me in stitches sometimes. (You get two because I left you hanging and creative license on “purls” versus “pearls”… I know button my lip, it’s late!


                    4. It sure does. I am and this morning I said to myself “I hope he fixed the main drain pipe as well?” I left the dishpan out – looks like the cupboard floor is dry. If the plumber didn’t come last night, the owner told me I should make sure to leave the cupboard open, but take a fan to direct the heat onto the pipes … I said I didn’t know that and planned to use a warm and woolly sweater instead as that always works to keep me warm.


                    5. Ha ha – I was thinking I should ask AJ for a simple pattern for the pipes! I am dreading tomorrow night … now they say it will be -35 to -40 windchill and it will break a record and -8 temps … I may need to encase the house in a woolly wrap.


                    6. Ha ha – me too Anne. I was standing watching the plumes rising out of the chimneys … we had sunshine and it seemed everyone’s chimneys were working overtime. It is 7 degrees now and -18 windchill – yikes! Unbelievably all the public universities were closed today and tomorrow … when I was in my last year of school, Wayne State closed for the Blizzard of ’78 and that was considered a big deal for them to close.


                    7. And the snow was supposed to start at midnight and it started before he got there – I tarped the kitchen, cellarway and landing – I have tiles all over trying to dry out … they were on top of the cupboard floor. It was going to be -8 tonight and I didn’t want there to be no dripping hot water overnight.


                    8. I got their name after I was whining about the ordeal with this plumber in 2017 at the hair salon where I go … Jim and Jim (husband/wife) are very nice and bought an old house across from Bishop Park where I sometimes go and write about. They have four girls, all attending college at the time they bought the house, and all living at home and decided this house was perfect as they love to ride their bikes in the early morning and it was a good deal. They had a big plumbing issue, called in a local plumber who said it was $2,000.00 to fix and an extensive job … they decided to ask around –
                      one of their customers recommended Quint Plumbing to them – one of their plumbers quoted them at $500 I think it was, a few hours’ job and it was done. They recommended them … they are 24/7/365. I was happy as it was going to -8 windchill. Going to incorporate it into my post I think. I wish i could say I was “spinning a yarn” on this story from 2017 – at least the plumber last night did not “pull the wool over my eyes” like the last plumbers in 2017. (This is fun.)


                    9. Yes, especially since it leaked three times that day and I kept telling him it was not tight enough … he said “the gasket will expand when it gets warm water in there – no worries” … right. It was $85.00 to light the pilot light on a Sunday morning – hopefully not more than $125.00 for this … sigh.


                    10. Thanks – the more I hear about the impending weather, the less happy I am. Snow guy still has not shown up – second time. Jeff or Austin did the front only, not the back/side … no patience with any of this. Hopefully he comes to finish the rest of it that Jeff/Austin did not do.

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