Waiting for the Bus

We walk before the sun rises, so we are getting up a tad bit earlier than we did in December. Today the timing was perfect for seeing neighbor Logan (8) as he waited for the school bus. He was so full of energy that a car could not contain him for long. He wriggled up through the window to perch there and chat with John. Having failed to put my camera in my pocket, I borrowed John’s phone to take a shot. We had a win/win situation. Logan posed nicely for me and then made funny faces to satisfy himself. Many children would not have been that cooperative.

020519 Logan in car window with JC.jpg

All the photos had a blur on the right side, making John appear to be standing in a personal fog. We found the cover for the camera opening was cracked. This may be the death knell for that phone. Do you suppose there is a ring tone for that?

24 thoughts on “Waiting for the Bus

  1. Well, Logan was ready with a massive smile when he saw you both, couldn’t be better for a picture. I”m glad you explained the problem as I thought John had overdone the deodorant. Well done you for the photograph despite the broken camera.
    Humongous Hugs xxx

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  2. I’m sure there’s a ringtone for whatever is bothering your camera and I’m sure that I wouldn’t recognize it if it rang. I try to know as little as possible about my smartphone. It annoys me, in principle.

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  3. A ringtone sounding the death of the phone ? Wish there was one and wish there one to make every dead phone decimate instead of accumulating as electronic waste. John standing in the fog- looked natural- I thought it was an atmospheric thing. Great photographic trick though- though unintentional.


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