If I added something about a blog post, it would truly be a postscript, wouldn’t it?

We were excited when David showed us an Instagram photo and said our picture had gone around the world. He follows Kings College, Cambridge and found a shot taken while we were in St. Thomas church before Evensong began. We were aware that a photographer was working in the chancel area and taking pictures of the directors of the choirs. Looking at it on his phone, we imagined we saw ourselves. When we blew it up, we realized the back of the church was showing. We had been in the 6th pew from the front, so we couldn’t have been in the background. Oh, well. This shot is a good one of Cleobury and Hyde.

033119 Daniel Hyde and Stephen Cleobury at St Thomas.jpg

While walking toward the beach in Stony Brook, John noticed the whitecaps in the distance. I zoomed so far that I failed to include the Game Cock Cottage, which should have showed on the right. The temperature was 34 degrees (just above freezing), and the wind was blowing at 19 miles per hour. I walked under similar conditions for 20 years and hardly ever noticed it. When I commented on that, John reminded me that we are five years older now. That never occurred to me!

040119 Whitecaps on West Meadow Beach.JPG

22 thoughts on “Postscripts

  1. Anne,
    I think I spot John and David in that picture. The picture did travel at least half the world- you are indeed famous. It is surprising that you never noticed the icy temperatures for 20 years and now felt it- John was probably right. What is the Game Cock cottage?

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  2. I think you are cold because now you are used to southern temps, and the cold of LI Sound air is a lot more biting than mountain coolness.


          1. That would be nice to see … nice clear water, though I am surprised in the alcove at the Detroit River, you can see right down to the stones and acquatic plant life in the water. And that is a large body of water. Our Creek at Council Point Park is so murky you can’t see anything in it.


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