Looking for Floods

 We had a lot of rain and kept seeing flood warnings on our cell phones. John opted for half a walk, because he is recovering from a sinus infection and possibly the flu. I walked on to check Jonathan Creek and brought him a photo to show him how high it was. We have lived here four and a half years and have never seen it escape from its banks. It was nowhere near flood stage this time.

Jonathan Creek

While driving in Asheville, we saw the French Broad River flooding low areas. A few vehicles and houses were wading in the water, but most were above it. David posed at a riverside picnic area to show how high the river was there.

David with the flooded French Broad River

We drove on through some small towns and stopped for lunch in one of them. The cafe catered to locals and a few travelers. It was fun to hear the speech around us. The great granddaughter of the owner, dressed in a Cinderella costume, played among the tables. She climbed into the booth with a local woman she knew and sang Puff, the Magic Dragon. You don’t expect free entertainment at a cafe in the middle of the day.

We drove along the Pigeon River that runs through the gorge connecting North Carolina and Tennessee. The river was definitely out of its banks, judging by many trees standing in the muddy, rushing water. Because it was a rather humdrum flood, I failed to take a picture to share. It rained off and on all day, and after we came home, we saw the forecast for snow in a few hours. We were highly skeptical that it would happen, but our eyes slid to the window every once in a while just to check.

42 thoughts on “Looking for Floods

  1. A lot of flooding here in Mississippi. We already had our own flooding and now all of tht flooding from north wet of here is comong south .Pray for the farmers…two years in a row this is a rough Spring.We had ind damage in our area. Lot of trees with the tops blown out and hugh big trees uprooted .Powere was out 2 1/2 days which made careeeeing for the old folks more demanding. Yes…I am tired and so thankful it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

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  2. I am glad to hear that you do not have flooding in the area you live! We keep our eye on the river every time we hear rain in the forecast. It would not get to our house as we are pretty high up….if it did we tell people we all need to build an ark.


        1. That sounds reasonable. Under a thin layer of soil, we have rock. We gift everyone below us with lots of runoff. I often look at our creek and wonder how much of that water will make it to the gulf of Mexico.

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  3. Jonathan Creek looks to be running fierce even if not flooding yet. Did h creek get named that because of the Magician/Investigator Series from the UK? I used to enjoy that.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  4. I’m glad you didn’t get flooding near you!
    Entertainment at lunch time- definitely interesting and not typical! Was it a good rendition of Puff?


              1. Oh that’s a good explanation. I laugh- I cant remember people’s names, I routinely miss things. I better hope this stops when I get better!


  5. We get sloshy but we don’t flood here. Although the forecasters said that we were below average in rainfall our water table is high right now. We got 3 inches on Friday but had a lovely day yesterday.


  6. Rivers flooding their banks make me angsty. I know they’re not supposed to cause me any trouble, but… Happy to read that you’re doing ok considering those photos. Happy Easter, Anne.


      1. Just amazing with all the erratic weather these days. It seems if it it not raging waters, it is wildfires, hurricanes and/or earthquakes … two today alone: a bad one in the Philippines and a minor quake in Alaska. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention before, but it seems there are more earthquakes than I remember in the past.


          1. Yes, that’s true as well. I don’t have TV, but I can remember never seeing the TV news during the dinner hour (TV in the living room, we ate in the kitchen) so we had to wait til the late news at 11:00 to see the news of the world on TV. Now CNN has it non-stop. We have rain/storms tomorrow morning than nice weather the rest of the week. Finally. The flowering trees are out – just gorgeous.

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  7. Anne,
    When we see no water here, it is exciting to see your water pictures and I really thank you for posting those as they soothe tired eyes like mine that long for water. I know I should be upset for the flooded areas.
    When I think of all the wasted water that goes down to the seas, and there are so many parts of the world that cry out for water, I think “what a waste”.
    I need to look up Pigeon River – you mentioned Pigeon gorge in your previous post with your brother Bob?


    1. Locals all know what you are talking about when you speak of the gorge. It’s the route through the steep mountains that you share with the Pigeon River. I need to look it up, too, to see if the gorge is named. It is GORGEous and is my favorite drive, along with riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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  8. So glad you dont flood where you live. It is amazing how quickly water can transform an area. The entertainment at the diner sounds lovely. We are in a very sandy area so we rarely see flooding where I am.


    1. I grew up only ten miles from the Mississippi River. It flooded every spring, and the residents camped on the high bluff until the water went down. We always marveled that they went back. Flooding in later years was more controlled by dams upriver.


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