A Purple Thumb??

I am a most reluctant gardener, so I knew I’d never have a green thumb. Plants see me coming and cower in fear. What on earth do you suppose a purple thumb means?

My purple thumb after pulling weeds in a dewy garden

37 thoughts on “A Purple Thumb??

    1. I think the reason two tips were not purple is totally silly. The gardening gloves had material in those spots for using a touch screen. I may not be a good gardener, but my hands are totally engaged in pulling weeds, not texting.

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    1. No, we don’t know that family. I saw a video of the hearse in Waynesville. We live about five miles outside the city limits and know few people there. We go to church in Asheville and are making friends there. Grandson David works at Burger King, and he now recognizes people on the street who eat there.

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    1. The gloves were cheap, and they fit my small hand perfectly. I shall continue to wear them, for I won’t die from the dye. Hope no one dies laughing at me and my purple hands.


    1. I think my purple thumb came from dye bleeding from new gardening gloves. I would like to be marked as a real gardener, but a useless purple thumb is all I got.


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