David’s Birthday

I didn’t see grandson David until we were having his birthday brunch. There was plenty of activity leading up to the meal. The day before, grandson Nathaniel meticulously cut out parchment paper to line the cake pans. He poured the batter in, and soon the kitchen smelled like a bakery. We had a whole day to anticipate that cake.

Preparing the birthday cake

We were opening the front door to go walking when Nathaniel appeared in the hall. He is an early riser and walked to the creek with us. His long arms made this selfie easy.

Animals played a part in David’s day, too. The neighbor’s cat joined us for a few minutes, and Nathaniel enjoyed petting her. It was more comfortable for him to sit on the road than to bend over to play with her.

At home, friend Rose had Sadie running all over the yard chasing a Frisbee. Later I was near an open window when the two of them were outside. It was lovely to see the dog race about and hear Rose’s musical laugh.

[I could not find a way to put photos side by side as I used to.  I’m using the old editor, but it is behaving badly, too.]

Nathaniel cut potatoes for David’s brunch casserole. The dish featured potatoes, chicken, seasonings and cheese. Yummy!

David, dressed for work, waited to blow out his candle as we sang to him.

He had quite a cake day. At work, the manager brought in cupcakes for his birthday. He took one as he was leaving and ate it in the car. We wondered what was going on when he called and asked that Sadie be restricted when he came home. He loves Sadie, so that seemed strange. He explained that he dropped the cupcake on his lap, and he knew Sadie would be licking him the instant he set foot in the door. He solved the problem a different way. Nathaniel took shorts to the garage, so David changed into them before coming in the house.

The lemon chiffon cake deserved a shot of its own. It was light, fluffy, and lemony delicious.

32 thoughts on “David’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, David!! Hope you have a wonderful, fun filled year ahead. We enjoy reading about everything you do from your grandmother’s posts.
    Anne, both you and John look marvellous in the picture. We like the pictures one after the other, It makes it easier to see them and read the captions. The cake looked marvellous before cutting and after. Truly worthy of a “Winner Cake all” contest. I watch cooking shows through out the day on Food Network- one day I am hoping to see Nathaniel there.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love your style of writing and enjoy the times you have with your family through your posts. Its almost as if I know David and John and Logan and Nathaniel myself.


  2. Happy birthday to David! You are so lucky to have a professional baker as a grandson. That lemon chiffon cake looks delicious – my favorite!


  3. When you are home and settled I’ll teach you editor tricks if you want 🙂 Love the b-day summary, and love David even more.


    1. I would love to have advice on using WordPress. I’ve struggled more the last few weeks than ever before. Both editors are giving me fits right now. We’re on the road, and I’m using the laptop. That brings on even more odd things. I really appreciate that offer!


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