John always fanned whatever interest our family had in trains. When great nephew CJ heard we were going to Promontory, he and Lauren took the day off to drive us there. If you remember, in 1862 President Lincoln signed the legislation to build a transcontinental railroad. I remembered because John was telling me about it on a need-to-know basis. The Union Pacific started laying track in Omaha, Nebraska going west, and Central Pacific began in California going east. When they met, there was a Golden Spike ceremony celebrating the completion of a rail line going from coast to coast. Below is a photo taken that day in 1869.

Promontory Summit 1869

A few weeks ago there was another big ceremony at Promontory for the 150th anniversary of that event. John said 2,000 people attended. We were happy the place was practically empty when we saw it. The two reproduction steam engines moved into place, as the originals did 150 years ago. I have a photo from a distance and a closeup with John, CJ, and Lauren.

John, CJ, and Lauren

Lauren supports CJ’s interests, as a perfect wife would. Here is a sweet pose, when she was tired and he was caught up in train things with John.

Lauren waiting patiently

On the way back to their apartment, they picked up Lauren’s sisters, Kaitlin and Megan. Both are working at Deer Valley Resort. Kaitlin has moved to Utah, and Megan is working there this summer. A bit too late, we proposed to get take-out food, but Lauren had already started cooking dinner. It had been a long day for everyone. The meal was delicious – pasta with sauce made previously by Kaitlin and a lovely tossed salad. Kaitlin, CJ, and Lauren sat at the counter with me to eat and chat. We talked about our very first jobs, and I found it most interesting.

Megan and John sat on the sofa to eat, and they talked for a long time, one-on-one.

Megan listening to John. Was he talking about trains???

Someone mentioned wedding photographs the day before, and that’s when I found out Lauren and CJ did not have photos of their wedding. It’s a long story, and it’s not mine to tell. The fun thing is, I had the pictures I took that day on my laptop. In seconds, tech-wizard CJ was showing them on their big TV screen. If anyone reading this has photos of their wedding, could you please share them with CJ?

CJ, Lauren, and niece Chrissie November 2016

One of the pictures taken that weekend showed a group of us there for the wedding. CJ cropped the shot to show his cousin Anders, who is also our nephew. CJ said, “That’s Anders.”

He said it in such a way that someone asked why Anders was so special. CJ said, “Have you ever had a mentor that you really admired and wanted to be like? Anders is my role model.”

I think it was Kaitlin who said, “Yes. That was Lauren for me.”

We stayed later than we should have, because the evening was so special for us. The young people, including Zeb and Bri, went out of their way to do things with and for us. They are warm, outgoing, sensitive, and caring. I am so proud to be related to all of them. I’m including everyone, though it’s a mouthful to explain two are sisters of our great nephew’s wife. We love you all!

CJ and Lauren — Thank you very much for guiding us around and taking a day off to be with us.  Spending time with you was very, very special, and we appreciate it. 

23 thoughts on “Promontory

  1. It’s nice to know John got near his trains again and with someone who shared the interest. Knowing how you take photographs you probably took as many as the official photographer would have and in all the same poses.I hope tech wizard CJ was able to download copies of them so he could print them if he wanted.
    You have a really delightful family and extended family Anne and it’s lovely how they all seem to place the same value on family that you do.
    Humongous Hugs


    1. John has seen lots of trains on this trip.

      I saved about 20 photos from CJ and Lauren’s wedding. Wish I’d had more now! Yes, CJ had those photos on his computer in seconds before showing them on his TV.

      We are so blessed to have family members who value being together.

      xxx Loving Family Hugs xxx


  2. I love trains too and admire John for following his passion with single minded devotion. The two trains that you showed moving towards each other- do they actually move or are they a model replica of the old train/ They look too well kept to be the original. I am glad CJ is interested in trains too and that Lauren supports him. Your family is as real to us as they are to you- I am glad you had great family times.


    1. The two engines at Promontory are reproductions, and they move on their own. I love the sound of them. Even standing still, they make small noises. It’s like a huge animal that is quietly breathing steam.

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  3. You are lucky to have such a warm and friendly family. Then again we reap what we sow and you are warm and friendly. Gotta love John. Dan is the same way with guitars. They can smell when someone has an interest in their hobbies.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. We are laughing. John says, “Tell them we’ve been to see them, and it’s their turn to come to our house. I’ll be glad to show Dan my train books, my train videos, the trains in the garage, the trains on the porch, and the riding trains in Tennessee.”

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  4. I remember seeing the pictures of those two trains and the excitement over the big 150th anniversary celebration – you are lucky you missed the crowd. You sure get a round and visiting lots of people. 🙂


      1. That’s because everyone comes to your house to see you. 🙂 You’re lucky you have David there at the house so no worries about leaving it alone for so long. I have not traveled anywhere since being alone –
        before when I traveled, since I lived at home, no worries and my father drove me to the airport, so easy and breezy, but now -with the crime in our City, even with steel doors, the metal locking blinds, I’d still worry.


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