One Day in Illinois

We miscalculated the time and were getting to Springfield too early for lunch. Cousin Peter and Debi had the wonderful suggestion of having brunch together instead of lunch. They met us at the restaurant, and we chatted until the hostess seated people at every table around us. We did right well, considering some of us don’t hear well and some don’t talk with booming voices.

While conferring on the phone to make the plans, they mentioned that we would go by a rest stop at mile 30 on the interstate. Debi’s father gave the easement to put that rest stop on his property. My question for Debi was if she remembered the building of the highway. She did, indeed. She remembered a night when she had a slumber party, and she and her friends walked over to the construction site.

I was interested in the health of their church. Some years ago four churches joined together, because none of them were big enough to keep going on their own. Debi was pleased to tell us that the melded church has been held up as an example of a successful integration. She and Peter, along with others, worked hard to make it happen. It’s always great to hear a success story.

The time together was all too short, but we enjoyed it while it lasted.

17 thoughts on “One Day in Illinois

    1. It was quite an adventure. There were times during the process when we had our doubts as to whether this was going to work, but today you would never guess that we’ve ever been anything but a single congregation.


  1. When you mentioned the states you passed through on this road trip, you mentioned Illinois and I wondered when or where in Illinois you had visited- now it comes out. Springfield is the capital of Illinois, isn’t it ?
    Wonderful to hear of churches uniting and going strong. Together we stand, stronger than ever.

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  2. It’s like you have family or friends in every State. Don’t forget to pack warm for Alaska. Are you on the home stretch yet, I imagine Davis and all your friends at home have been missing you.
    Massive Hugs

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    1. We are home! It would be fun to see if we know people in every state. Probably not the Western ones. Homecoming was sweet, being greeted by $, Rose, David, and dog Sadie.

      xxx Tail-wagging Hugs xxx

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  3. You made the rounds this past 2 1/2 weeks for sure. How many miles did you put on the car? I’m thinking John didn’t go to Tennessee this weekend – he has probably had enough driving for awhile.


      1. That’s a lot of miles. I only have 6,200 miles on my car and it will be 10 years old in September. 🙂 I’ve actually gone almost 600 miles this year which amazes me, but I’ve been trying to drive more to keep the car’s electrical system in good shape. Well John will have had four days reprieve from the car seat before heading to TN.


          1. That’s good you got back into the walking regimen, but you probably got a lot of walking done going to different attractions, in/out of the car to go visiting, restaurants and the like.


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