Excitement Continues

In the midst of our homecoming from the trip out West, someone asked a question about schedules. I was enjoying the moment and not ready to look even one minute ahead. I said, “All my planning ended with this trip, so I might as well be dead. Just think, that makes this heaven!”

I’m glad the assembled company laughed instead of going out to dig my grave.

We saw many people on our trip, and finally we had someone come to see us! (Brother of brother-in-law Thom) Russ and Elizabeth met us for lunch at the Jukebox Junction. We love this annual visit, time they carve out of a conference to spend with us. Hours spent with family are priceless!

John, Russ, and Elizabeth

In the middle of the night, I heard someone walking in my room. Being surrounded by family, I assumed the footsteps were friendly. They were. Lightning lit up the room as grandson David stepped in from the deck. He carried my solar stars and walked them into the bathroom. He knew one star had already been damaged by wind and that I often bring the hanging stars inside when it is windy. I was able to get enough words together to thank him before I fell asleep again. John and I were impressed at the debris on the roads this morning, evidence of high winds. Everything was dripping wet, and the creek was high and muddy.

I laughed when I went in the bathroom, seeing where David had hung the wet stars. They were still trying to shine, giving their best effort in the dim light.

Solar stars in the tub

17 thoughts on “Excitement Continues

  1. You just reduce speed after a mammoth road trip and you suddenly have to pick up speed again. It’s just as well you love all these family events. David didn’t lose his sense of humour while you were away I see.
    Massive Hugs

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    1. We kept neighbor Logan several hours today. We told his parents we had missed him, and they said he had missed seeing us. Logan enjoyed playing with Sadie, Rose’s dog.

      xxx Humourous Hugs (Ha Ha) xxx

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  2. This year has been one busy year for you Anne. I am glad you had plenty of family time. My parents live alone and they often don’t have visitors.So when I read about the people who visit you and fill up your days with happiness, I see how a world filled with people can be joyful. The story of the stars was amusing and how wonderful that David remembered to bring them in. Is there any damage to the house or your trees or yard? We are due for a Logan post.

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  3. We have a storm on the way – so I may not be catching on Reader as planned. They actually predicted an all-day rain and stormy weather and we have our big fireworks display that is on the Detroit River so people gather in Windsor and in Detroit. It is to celebrate Canada’s holiday and ours as well. So they had to make a decision whether or not to cancel the fireworks or not. They did not – um, maybe now that tens of thousands of people are down there, there might be a problem. I like your solar stars – nice of David to bring them in. They are like a night light in the bathroom.

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