Gearing up for the 4th of July

Daughter Kate posed with her son Nathaniel as we picked him up from his dorm. He wore all his name tags to show us, but normally he wears only one at a time.

We went through the mirror ritual where Nathaniel hangs the mirror on a higher hook.

There was a happy reunion when David came home from work.

I wanted a photo of our first meal with all seven of us together. Yes, there is often a clown in every group. Friend Rose laughed when she saw what John $pencer had done.

We began our holiday much earlier than expected when a smoke alarm pierced the silence shortly after 4 am. I got the full story hours later. The alarm in Rose’s and $’s room began to chirp, and they couldn’t sleep. To keep from disturbing the whole household, Rose ran out to her car where she knew there was a 9-volt battery. I didn’t know that when alarms are hard-wired into the electrical system, ALL the units shriek when a battery is changed. All of ours worked perfectly and loudly. I woke, grabbed my phone and began frantically stabbing at it to stop the noise. It did stop, but not because I turned anything off. The installation was complete. Everyone was standing up except David and me. We listened from our beds and lay back down when the hubbub subsided.

Kate watched Nathaniel tie a special knot, using his phone for directions. He can tie several knots from memory, but the Eldredge Knot is complicated. He used a special tie, one with the small end different from the wide end.

A close-up shows the stars in the blue field over the stripes.

We all laughed when I pulled up a video from the previous evening. Nathaniel talked about ties as he began putting one on. I didn’t catch it all, but I began recording as he talked. You can probably see when he noticed the camera. While words were coming out of his mouth, he was asking himself if the camera was on. To find out, he stopped and posed. I don’t know of anyone who is pleased with a recording of himself, but he knew I wanted to use it and gave his permission for it to be published. Thank you, Nate.

The family knew I wanted a photo of them in their holiday clothes. We took it early, because David wouldn’t be home from work until after dark.

Thanks to blogger Ron Walker, I was able to put photos mostly where I wanted them. The spacing isn’t right around two of them, but this is better than it was.

17 thoughts on “Gearing up for the 4th of July

  1. This is the first time it’s sunk in that Kate is mother to Nate and to David. I thought the boys were cousins not brothers.Duh. It’s great to see them get on so well.Great to see another family gathering round that table, alarm free.
    Massive Hugs

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  2. I love that everyone gathered together and looked so festive. Your family is so loving and wonderful! You are so blessed! We had a small gathering with my dad, brother, youngest son and his girl Becky. I enjoyed myself, yet, as usual, got so caught up in the visiting I forgot to take any pictures.

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  3. How fun you all got dressed up for the 4th – you did that before recently in a post – was it Valentine’s Day – I can picture everyone had festive clothing on. Nathaniel is in fine form as usual. 🙂


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