Model Trains at University

We went to see the model train museum on the campus of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City. There were exhibits behind glass, as you’d expect in a museum, but people came to see the big layout where little trains were running. That felt more like a train club, because members were running their trains and tinkering with things behind the scenery. Grandson David and John were looking at one small corner of the room.

John and David looked at the front of the layout. You are looking at the back.

John pointed out a mining town where all the houses looked alike. We noted each had an outhouse behind it.

Looking closer, I saw chickens and knew I had to have a photo of that for blogging friend Chicken Grandma. ( The figures of people are small, and the chickens are teensy-tiny.

A different room was dedicated to the Tweetsie Railroad. The members are in the process of modeling parts of this North Carolina railroad. That’s where I found a safe haven – a seat tucked under the place where tracks will be laid. You may know I can walk easily for an hour, but please don’t ask me to stand still for more than five minutes! I sat in that green chair and wouldn’t have minded if David and John drooled over trains for five hours.

I don’t know if bathroom signs are becoming more fun, or if I’ve just begun to notice them. This sign was posted for university students, most of whom probably have a Southern accent.

21 thoughts on “Model Trains at University

  1. I’ll be Faye will get a kick out of the chicken coops and chickens. You could start a group of funny bathroom signs. There is the group for doors. Norm’s Doors started when he took pics of unusual doors (I submitted a post that included some from Heritage Park last year) – now it is an every Thursday feature by Norm with links to others’ door photos. We need the reminder here with our Hep A outbreak, now in its fourth or longer year and they just said the other day, now 30 deaths from Hep A outbreak because people don’t wash their hands.


  2. What fun this post contains. My oldest son had a train table when he was younger. He had a great time, and learned a lot setting it up and creating the scenes.I hope all is well Anne. Here in NJ we are still having a bit summer on this first day of Autumn.


  3. Those teeny chickens are adorable!!! I have never seen a train layout in our area with chickens. I am going to have to suggest that to the train people around here.
    I think Lindasschaub is right… need to start finding odd bathroom signs. You might have an entire new career ahead of you Anne!


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