A Tale of Hanging

I looked from the kitchen to see why son John $pencer was snickering. He said Sadie’s tail was hanging off the chair. Sure enough, it was! I took a photo before walking around to see his view.

We had given Sadie an almost-empty peanut butter jar to lick. She worked on it for hours, trying to get her tongue to the bottom. She was so intent on her mission that she was unaware I walked around to get another shot of her peculiar pose. Later, daughter Lise felt sorry for the dog and dug out the remaining peanut butter with her fingers for her to lick.

I nominated long-armed Nathaniel to take our selfies as we hung out at the creek. The sun was playing with shadows, so it wasn’t the best shot. We’ll keep it to remind ourselves of the pleasure we had in walking together.

Nathaniel, Anne, Lise, and John at Jonathan Creek

Nathaniel worked all day in the kitchen. He made a butter/herb mixture and put it under the skin of the turkey, ready to cook the next day. Eggnog was prepared, and dinner rolls were ready for baking. He and I put together our traditional cranberry-mince pie. I first used the recipe in 1975, when Nathaniel’s mother was four years old. I stirred together the filling, while he made the pastry. He used a mixture of butter and shortening, so I know this will be the best pie ever.

Nathaniel with the cranberry mince pie

John drove Lise to her annual dental appointment several towns away. She had two-hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Despite that, she was game to eat barbecue with the rest of us. We felt that was a good reward after a long day. No hangups here!

BBQ! John, David, Lise, and Nathaniel

33 thoughts on “A Tale of Hanging

  1. Sadie had obviously found the optimum jar licking position when you caught her. A little undignified but worth it. A Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may the food be as good as you expect it to be. You’re dining in the best of company,
    Massive Hugs to Share. xxxxxxxxxxx


    1. Thank you, David. I love that thought — I’m dining in the best of company! It’s true. How I wish I could have all my dear Facebook friends here, as well.

      xxx Thankfully Joyful Hugs xxx


  2. We always use peanut butter to wrap around Grace’s pills. Your dog looks as “well behaved” as ours. Love the lattice top on the pie. I just took my lattice topped mincemeat pie out of the oven. It is so impressive and requires so little time to actually braid the strips.


  3. I think it is a great picture of the four of you – the shadows are so minimal … thank goodness for the long arms of Nathaniel for taking selfies and reaching into the oven to take out that pie, which I’m sure by now is gone and the dish has been relegated to Sadie to clean. 🙂


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you Anne and to the rest of your bunch! I have a feeling your meal will be amazing and the company excellent.
    Loved the picture of Sadie! We are just relaxing after hosting at our home today. I was to busy and did not get any photos!! I am having a tough time believing that of myself.


  5. Sweet Sadie ! Also love Lyse’s smile- she is beautiful – the pie and the memories are wonderful- trust mothers to remember everything- my mum remembers even which frock I wore when I went where when we were small .
    Thanks for sharing, Susie.

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