Balancing Act

Grandson David is always ready for fun, even after being on his feet all day. It puts a bit of balance in his life. I used the apple whomper to cut and core his apple, and he reassembled it on the plate. He could have said, “Look! Gran! No hands!”

Apple cut and cored

After David put cookies on his plate, I stood two tan ones up like cards. He redid it, adding a cookie on top.

In the next room, John sat down to rest after pronouncing the Christmas tree finished.

David joined him in the living room, balancing two oblong cookies and a star on the original A-frame. This is sweet edible art.

As I wrote this post, snowbows formed and reformed near the mountain. The weather map showed snow clouds running behind the ridge line, yet the colorful arcs appeared in front of it. The show lasted several hours.

December Snowbow

42 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. John’s efforts with thee tree have made the lightshow inside the house as good as the light show going on outside. Congratulations to you and David for the sweet installation art.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx.


          1. Yes, I think that is it – I can’t see a sunrise unless I go down to the River (about 5 miles away at Bishop Park) and I am reluctant to go out that early in the morning. Did it once a few years ago, but it was not totally dark. We had a nativity re-enactment at a church near my house last night and tonight. Weather was clear but I was reluctant to go there, just a few blocks away – have to pass a park and a few homeless people used to live there. One year I will convince Ann Marie to go with me or my other nun friend down the street.


            1. We missed seeing a live nativity scene in town last night. Shawn’s church on Main Street did it as part of the town celebration. John offered to take me, but he was tired after spending all day at church rehearsing for our special service today.

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              1. I have seen the photos of the nativity scene event on Facebook the day after. I will look and see if they posted it and send you the link . I usually look every year – sometimes they have better photos than others and depends on the weather – very scenic in the snow. They were setting it up in front of the church next to Memorial Park when I had the car out and drove by yesterday – they were setting up the manger and had hay bales. They do have several animals every year as well. I understand it is snowing lightly – I had planned a few errands for tomorrow while Robb goes for his one-month follow-up exam and MRI at the Cleveland Clinic – he is gone all day, then I thought I’d split them up and do a little grocery shopping this morning rather than wait for everything tomorrow. I feel I can take an extra hour – he/family are going to Mexico from 12/20 to 12/30 if cleared for travel, so I will be checking voicemail/e-mail for him on the weekends and Christmas Day. I am going to get a few treats (since I ate my Christmas treats at Thanksgiving). Oops! They are saying flurries and snow bursts – I don’t want to go out in anything snowy if I don’t have to. I will look later and send you the Facebook link – in the past you don’t have to follow First Baptist Church of Lincoln Park, they post it on their site. They have it tonight too, so maybe they will wait til tomorrow to post the photos. Have a good day – John will be ready to go for your special service and sing his heart out.


                  1. That was really early to travel to Asheville and sing at first session and now back again – John has a lot of energy. I looked on the church’s Facebook page. They have, in the past, had an album dedicated to just the live nativity – they just have lots of pictures in the timeline of last night’s event … if you go to this link and just arrow to the right they have several pictures (along with some kids in puffy jackets and not sure why they are in there). It is along busy Fort Street (the end of my street) and next to Memorial Park where you can see and may recall when I had pictures twice this year of the memorial pavilion area. I think it started at 5:00 and went to 7:00 p.m. Pretty sure they did not have an alpaca in the manger scene but I could be wrong. The alpaca may have tagged along with his barn-mates.

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        1. I hadn’t thought about it, but we are closer to rainbows than we used to be at sea level. I’ll have to look at local photos. I think I have a picture of my neighbor’s house with a rainbow behind it. I was looking down on it. When I sent it to her, she replied that she’d meet me in the pasture to dig for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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    1. David has steady hands and has balanced things for years. When he first moved here, I’d find the sugar spoon hanging at a weird angle on the bowl and knew he had been standing at the counter. He doesn’t balance things often, but it’s always funny when he does.


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