Hiking from the Hostel

Rose and dog Sadie left in the morning for a Christmas visit with her family. By late afternoon we were in hostel mode. Son John $pencer bunked in with grandson David to give his room to Bob, a hiking friend of long standing. We had a leisurely breakfast before driving the two to Cataloochee to hike. Even though it was not prime grazing time, we saw a herd of elk resting in the valley.

I zoomed in to get this. The elk were across a large meadow.

The fellows let me take their picture after they strapped on their backpacks. They planned to hike back to a peak we can see from our living room window. It isn’t right in our back yard, but it is pretty close.

Bob and John ready to hike for a couple of days

26 thoughts on “Hiking from the Hostel

      1. Anne, same warning signs in and around the Grand Canyon in AZ too. Our tour van stopped so we could take photos. Some tourists were trying to approach the animals. How awful of them. Live and let live. Have respect for nature and its creatures. Happy New Year. oxox


  1. Ahh … the elks look so peaceful and obviously feel quite safe out in the open … that’s a terrific photo of them all! The hikers look all kitted out for the trek. I take it you drove back home!? 😀


  2. Better elk than the black bear that was lurking around your neighborhood not long ago – they are impressive looking. I can’t say I’ve ever seen an elk, or a moose for that matter … I don’t think they have them in the zoo.

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