Sweet Moment of 2019

Our dear neighbors came to see in the new year with us. We enjoy the easy conversation and teasing when this group gets together. I laughed when I looked at the quick snaps. Although the photographic quality was poor, I could mentally draw a line through the room separating the men and women. Everyone joined in, so that arbitrary line did not separate us.

This was the first year that neighbor Logan (9) stayed up until midnight with us. He was absorbed in his new tablet and seemed to delight in sharing it with grandson David. We appreciated David’s spending a great deal of time with him. The camera caught a sweet moment to end the year.

26 thoughts on “Sweet Moment of 2019

  1. The camera didn’t do it on its own 😉 You helped it by pointing in the right direction and clicking at the right moment. Great shot, and sounds like a delightful way to start the year. We had friends over, too. So nice.

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  2. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Anne and John. Health, Wealth and Happiness attend you this year. A lovely gathering to usher in the New Year though Logan’s attention seems elsewhere.

    Massive Hugs


  3. Although they say that devices isolate kids, I find, as you did here with David and Logan, that kids are eager to share what they are finding on them. As long as the adult puts down their own phone!


  4. New Year’s eve, awoke 0300 in Dusseldorf, 0430, van to the airport. Flight to Heathrow. 2 hours later, flight to CLT. 2 hours later, flight to SBY. 1830 EST arrive SBY, 1920, HOME. Some football, glass of wine, Happy New Year, to Bed at 2200. A 25-hour celebration. Happy New Year Anne & John and Crew! Can you say Jet Lag?


  5. That’s nice you are so close with your neighbors – Logan is lucky to have two families essentially, and your family who cares deeply for him, just as his parents do. All the best in 2020 Anne – can’t believe two days are already in the books.


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