Posing Balloons

I love helium balloons. This is not a part of my second childhood, because I never had them in my first childhood. We began buying balloons for the grandchildren, but I’m sure I took more delight in them than they did. This past season I had two for my birthday on December 22nd, and they were banned โ€“ BANNED!!!! — for Christmas. And this is from a family that prides itself on celebrating a birthday for a whole month! I enjoyed my marvelous balloons exactly two days before they were removed. In all fairness, I must add that sister Barbara and Thom threw a surprise party for me on the 19th, and it was fantastic. However, the subject here is balloons.

Thank heavens my family is not sadistic and did not demand that I kill the balloons. The floaty objects of joy moved to my bedroom. They kept me company while I used the computer and stood sentinel during the night. The big Christmas tree balloon took over the dining room on Christmas Eve, and it was relegated to the bedroom on New Year’s Eve to make room for the last one of the year. Now I have all four to myself. I enjoy the company, even when they just hang there. It’s fun to walk among them, ducking under two to get to the dresser. When the heat blows, the balloons come alive, dancing on their ribbon tethers. They twirl, bob, nod to each other, and retreat. With a little music, they could be ballroom dancers.

I wanted to pose the balloons for a formal portrait, but the heat was on. The camera called for action, โ€œVideo!โ€

I shall complain no more, because I will keep these balloons until they sink to the floor. It could be days. It could be weeks. Party on!

55 thoughts on “Posing Balloons

  1. Tie the balloons around your waist and place them behind you so you can take a selfie of you and your friends together. If you walk around with them there they’ll keep tapping you on the shoulder or patting you on the head to say hello as friends do. My birthday tomorrow 18th, Bet I don’t get any friends to hang around with.
    Massive Hugs


    1. I like your idea of bonding with my balloon friends. They might not like the ties that bond.

      Happy birthday! I hope you have a marvelous day, even if you get no balloon friends to hang out with.

      xxx Floaty Friend Hugs xxx


          1. Loud noises bother cats and dogs as well. Including my eagle friends who live close to the harbour. (Romeo and Juliette)
            When they let the fireworks off they bolt! Canada Day (July 1 st) they are tending to their eaglets.So leaving them alone unattended could prove fatal If a predator was around but it always happens at night or near sunset. So I guess not many predators out roaming?


              1. I would like to document their reaction by placing a camera close by.
                Several years ago I checked in on them the day before July 1st and found they were gone? I suspect they are so sensitive that they knew the “night of BIG noises” was almost upon them and left Dodge?


  2. floaty objects of joy

    That’s a great description of helium balloons. I like them too, but did you know that there has been a worldwide helium shortage going on for the last few years? Therefore I applaud you on getting every last ounce of joy out of your balloons. Long may they float.


  3. I am so glad that you got balloons for your birthday and Christmas. Such a simple pleasure or so it seems. Did you know there is a world wide helium shortage? I have read that some in the medical community want to ban helium balloons all together because helium is heavily used in MRI technology. Can you imagine those innocent balloons being illegal?


      1. Hmm – pin wheels? wind chimes? prisms? bubbles? That’s a tough one. Oh how ’bout a regular balloon – rub it on your hair to build up static electricity then stick it to your shirt. We used to have fun doing that as kids. LOL!


        1. I’m on your wavelength. I have pin wheels, wind chimes, and whirligigs. I went through a prism phase, too. Bubbles are a great suggestion. We have a bottle here right now! I was waiting for extremely cold weather, wanting to see if bubbles would freeze before bursting. Keep your fingers crossed that we get enough cold weather to satisfy me without hurting the whole county.

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  4. As long as you are not inhaling them to get a squeaky voice – I am sure you just got your voice back from the bad cold. ๐Ÿ™‚ I heard there was a helium shortage a few years ago – don’t know if it still applies, but one of the newscasters on my station was upset as she could not find any Rediwhip for her pumpkin pies and her family did not like Cool Whip. They liked the “poofy stuff” she said. That was the first I heard of it, but apparently there was a real shortage of whipped cream in a can due to the helium shortage. I am glad you brought them to life in the video!


      1. Wow – I didn’t realize there was still a shortage. I only heard the story for the pumpkin pie – that was the immediate urgency I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, you can always look back at them bopping around.

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  5. ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆA friend of mine purchased her own cans of helium from Party City a few months ago just in case the helium shortage turns into helium extinction!๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ


  6. Anne, I love your helium balloons and yours here are so tranquil in their dance! It is odd how they seem to follow one around a house and as you write, even ‘stood sentinel during the night’. I had one that lasted over six months, although by then it was less flying high rather crawling along the floor! A belated Happy Birthday to you, Anne!๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŒบ


    1. I laughed that your six-month balloon was crawling along the floor. I puncture mine when they can no longer rise at least half an inch off the floor. If I’m late, the family will prod me to action. I’m glad you enjoy helium balloons, too.

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