Logan Entertains Sadie

Neighbor Logan (9) stayed with us while his parents went to the movies. Never has time flown so fast! Logan was disappointed that David was working but thrilled that Rose’s dog Sadie was here. Sadie was delighted to have someone her size to play with. The two of them rolled on the floor with abandon.

When boy and dog were not on the floor, they were running and dancing.

We often bat a balloon about when Logan is with us. Sadie went wild when John, Logan, and I hit the balloon to each other above her head. She leaped as high as she could, sometimes bumping the balloon with her nose. She barked and yelped, bringing Rose from the back of the house to see what was going on. It probably sounded pretty awful. Rose was immediately in the game, hitting the balloon when it came to her in the doorway. Finally it came down tail first, and Sadie got it with her teeth. Boom! Game over!

Logan found the pink pig, one of Sadie’s favorite toys, and they played a version of football with it. Logan had energy to spare, but we wondered if Sadie needed a rest. She was panting heavily, though still eager to play. I liked a series of shots of Sadie and Logan in a chair.

After Sadie went to Rose’s room, Logan suggested we play the alphabet game. We took turns naming a famous person beginning with successive letters. John and I were heavily into history and musicians. Logan favored sports and entertainment figures. That was out of our league. Several times he giggled and admitted he made up a name. The first time we didn’t recognize a name, I asked Alexa. She knew it. After that, when we looked baffled, Logan asked Alexa for confirmation. I suppose the name of the game for us should have been, “Are you smarter than a fourth-grader?”

28 thoughts on “Logan Entertains Sadie

  1. What fun. Nothing like a boy and a dog. I´m sure Sadie was very happy to have Logan visit. Sometimes our friend’s daughter comes to stay and Dot is so happy we can´t wipe the smile off her face.


  2. You and John must have energy to keep up with Logan and Sadie! I get exhausted reading about it! Balloon games are fun and inexpensive. When one balloon breaks, there is another one!


    1. John grew up in a suit! Not really, but he went to Lutheran schools and wore a shirt and tie daily. He wouldn’t feel properly dressed for church or a party if he didn’t wear a suit. I’ve observed that women usually dress above the men they are with. Not me!

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