Better than a Gun

Two squirrels were determined to cheat the birds out of their seeds. Seeds on the deck were fair game, but I didn’t want the animals to hang on the feeder. I got my exercise jumping up to run them off. One day Sadie saw a squirrel and lunged at it, pawing the glass door. The squirrel ran away and came right back on the deck, figuring he’d give it another try. This time I opened the door, and Sadie shot out. The squirrel easily escaped. That encounter must have scared the dickens out of him, because we haven’t seen him or his companion since.

24 thoughts on “Better than a Gun

  1. We have a big yellow tom that gets the gophers in our backyard. Those gophers must find a good deal to eat, because each time that tom walks by my back window, he’s carrying a big fat gopher. The bug man, says “you got natures best exterminator.”

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  2. Anne, a funny story about a squirrel guard dog! Those squirrels don’t give up, do they? We have now moved the bird feeder away from all branches and have a detractor which squirrels can’t break through. Or? One never knows. Very entertaining. Thank you. ox


    1. We had the best system in NY. We hung a feeder from the window frame outside our dining area. It was on the second floor! We watched the birds whenever we ate, and we always knew when to refill the feeder. A squirrel NEVER got to it.

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      1. Sounds like a great plan. So far our new spot is working with the detractor. I watched squirrels climbing tree limbs to gauge the jump over to the bird feeder. They gave up disappointed and the birds enjoyed their meal! To be continued I am sure…””__””

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  3. Yup dogs and squirrels don’t mix – too bad my neighbor Marge did not have a dog because we used to watch the squirrels climb up her wrought-iron gazebo and shimmy along to reach all the bird feeders and thistle socks she hung right smack in the middle, supposedly in the middle out of the squirrels’ reach. They will try anything to scam a few seeds.


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