Toilets while Traveling

It amazes me that toilets come in all sizes. I’m sure there was one standard size when I was young, but no more! The first motel had a toilet designed for a two-year-old. The seat was almost on the floor!! You might think the room was meant for a very young family, but there was a handicap grab bar in the shower. Talk about mixed signals!

The second night the toilet would have been good for a five-year-old. With that progression, we might have a geriatric bathroom on the way home.

My favorite bathroom was this one.

It was decorated with original Pollock mobiles. The photo doesn’t do them justice, but I loved them. Note one mobile hanging from the ceiling and the other standing to the left of the mirror. Nephew Chris designs mobiles, and his and niece Chrissie’s home is filled with them. It struck my fancy to have real art in the bathroom.

Click here to see Chris’ blog.

16 thoughts on “Toilets while Traveling

  1. The craziest bathroom fixture I encountered was one that combined soap, water and a dryer in one spigot. I could not figure out how to wash my hands until another person showed me how to work it.


  2. I love our bathroom art. It’s so funny how many people visit us, and I notice them missing then find them (doors open and totally decent) in the washroom checking out the art. Haha.

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    1. I’ve complained about low toilets before, and I got a lecture from the next generation when we got home. They say humans used to squat to go to the bathroom, and that is better for our systems. I’ll leave it at that and not go into graphic detail as they did! They think the motel industry is giving us what is good for us. I think motels save money by using five inches less porcelain. Anyway, I’m home now and loving our toilets installed by the first owners who were definitely in the graying generation.


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