Blogger’s Delightful Day, Installment One

A blogger couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. I met two people for the first time and had hours of face time with a blogger I had longed to see in person.

We began by having brunch with John’s high school classmate Carol and husband John. Carol and my husband had not seen each other for 60 years. Of course, their backgrounds hadn’t changed, so they began on common ground. Did that leave out their spouses? Absolutely not! When four conversationalists sit together, each one is an integral part of the moment. And how the moments flew!

We loved hearing how they met. Being distantly related by marriage, they both went to a christening. Period. No sparks; no fire. I’ll bet they spent very little time together at that event. Fast forward ten years. Carol from the Bronx and John from Brooklyn had both moved to Manhattan. When John was told that Carol lived right around the corner on the same bus route, he invited her out to dinner. After they had been married for a year, they moved to Vienna for John’s job. He worked for the United Nations, and she taught school. The rest is a lovely history of their traveling through life together and retiring to Massachusetts. That is terribly condensed, but this is not a biography.

We talked about many things, and then I turned into a missionary. When John P. showed a bit of interest in blogging, I couldn’t stop talking about WordPress. I love blogging, and that is what they will remember about me. I apologize, Carol and John, all the while hoping he will try it and like it.

Part two of Blogger’s Delightful Day will be next.

19 thoughts on “Blogger’s Delightful Day, Installment One

  1. How many careers take one to Vienna? What an interesting conversation you must have all enjoyed together sharing your life stories. Can’t wait to read next about your meeting with a fellow blogger!

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  2. What a delightful meet-up! Maybe he will start a traveling (or traveled. Lol) blog. I’d love to read about all his travels and their adventures in Vienna. Interesting that they ended up in Massachusetts as well, rather than one of their hometowns… I’d read his blog. 😊


  3. Wow! 10 years between their first meeting and their first date? I wonder how many people can say that. I met Bill in Calculus class when we were Freshmen in college. How did you meet John? Or is that story a blog post?


    1. That’s a great story, that y’all met in Calculus class.

      John and I were college sweethearts. I have to say, I hadn’t really noticed John until he had a date with my roommate. My boyfriend and I were in the living room when John brought my roomie home. The four of us had a long conversation, and that’s when it all started.


  4. Hi Anne, I really enjoyed your account of your visit and marvel at the way you remembered all the details of our visit. What a pleasant time for all of us. John is taken with the idea of a blog and hopefully will start on it soon. It’s fun reading about your family and all your contacts. I really admire how the both of you maintain and cherish all these contacts.


    1. Carol! How lovely to hear from you! We enjoyed our visit with you and John. It was simply delightful.

      Our relatives are scattered around the country, and we have time to visit them since we retired. The same is true of high school and college friends.

      I hope John will try blogging and find people who will respond to him. It can be a very rewarding experience. Things might begin slowly until others find him and respond.


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