Home Again!

We left Long Island Sunday morning. I rode with daughter Kate to New Jersey, and we spotted John on the road ahead of us after we went over the George Washington Bridge. We were in plenty of time to go to her church at 10:30. It was in the church library that I spotted these amusing signs. The first says “chillderen libery” with libery corrected to liblery. Can you read that sentence aloud without laughing? I suspect a child made the sign, and a “chilld” would be able to read it.

The second sign was more sophisticated. One thinner “A” was inserted in ARCHEOLOGY. To tell you the truth, I don’t read all caps easily. I would have missed that mistake if the correction hadn’t been so evident.

We had breakfast/lunch with Kate and Michael before starting home.

Thankfully, the drive to Virginia was uneventful, as were the last six hours home. The first thing I noticed when we walked in the kitchen was that Rose and John $pencer had cleaned all the counters. Things were much neater than I had left them. I count that as a gift!

John said we drove 2,345 miles in that one week we were away. I might have felt it if we hadn’t stopped to visit wonderful people every day. The first day and the last were the only ones that didn’t include other folks. It was a most satisfying trip, one that gave us many happy memories.

36 thoughts on “Home Again!

  1. Thanks for taking us along with you! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and never left our cozy fire😊
    Always enjoy your posts!


  2. Welcome back, Anne! 😀 What a fun week for you and that’s a lot of miles. The library sign has me smiling! My spelling as young was atrocious but always made perfect sense to me!


  3. Apparently chillllderen neeeeed morrrrre spelllllling lessssssons! 😀
    Re “archaelogy,” according to thefreedictionary.com (my online go-to), both are acceptable. I think the spelling with the a, as also in paediatrician, paedophile, etc. is the British spelling. No?
    Lovely photo of your daughter & hubby! xox
    Always good to get back home, I find that too!


    1. I asked Echo for the spelling and got the extra “a” version. I don’t know what dictionary it uses.

      Today we drove about six hours to bring grandson Nathaniel home for term break. It’s wonderful to be home and have both grandsons with us.

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    1. We lived in the same house for 45 years, so Stony Brook was our home. We couldn’t afford the real estate taxes unless we both worked full time. After we retired, we moved near our son in NC. I always loved mountains, and John agreed to move here. As John says, we lived our first fifty years in NY, and we’ll live the next 50 in NC. We love our neighbors and church friends here, too.


  4. You have it made Anne – a great vacation, and a clean house when you return. That’s a lot of miles and I was all proud of myself because I am at 7,200 miles on my 10 1/2 year-old car. 🙂


          1. Yes, and the good thing for both of you is now that you are retired and feeling good, you have many relatives to visit or come to visit you. Your life is full. I remember my boss (at the ad agency back in the late 70s) telling me that he/wife went to Hawaii on their honeymoon and took several day trips and he was sad to see many older, retired couples visiting tourist attractions but their health was not good and most trips were too rigorous for them, so in essence they spent their life raising kids, working and now in their golden years, they could not enjoy their own lives.


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