Easy-learning Music

Do you like classical music, but you don’t know much about it? I’d like to recommend Manuscript Notes. This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever followed. Try it here. Below is what I wrote to him today:

“You may think of yourself as just an amateur enthusiast, but you are so much more than that. First, your knowledge of music and performance is out of sight compared to an average music-lover. You may take that for granted, but your readers do not. Your writing skills are excellent, so you can convey your knowledge and enthusiasm with written words. Then you add a carefully-chosen video or recording for illustration, and that enlarges our understand immeasurably. I am totally in awe of your talent and abilities to promote music for average people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your most excellent blog.

“My husband is a prime example of a person who was influenced by music writers. He grew up in a home where music was important. The children had music lessons, sang in church choirs, and went to concerts. They liked good music, and that’s as far as it went. John’s music education came from record jackets. Any time a new recording came into the home, he read the performance notes carefully. Fast forward to university years. He majored in history, and his roommate was a music major. The music major came back to the room one day and asked John if a particular statement from the music professor was right. John knew the teacher had made a mistake and told him why. Writers like you were the ones who educated John and expanded his horizons. Please be assured that you possess a most valuable skill that few others have.”

19 thoughts on “Easy-learning Music

  1. I grew up in a music-filled home, too. Played instruments, did the choir thing. But I don’t know that I ever read much of anything about music. Kind of funny thinking back on it now considering how bookish my family was.


  2. I replied on your blog but it didn’t post for some reason. I loved your comments to Manuscript Notes and subscribed based on your comments. Thanks for introducing me to that blog. You have such a gift with your words! Love, Janet

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    1. I did not realize you left a comment. The system is set up so that a comment from a new person won’t go through until it is approved. I saw this only now and have approved you. Commenting should work next time.

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  3. I grew up with music too. I played piano but am the only one who cannot sing on key. My dad had side gigs in bands and everyone else sang in choirs and glee clubs. My mother sang German music beautifully. You can’t help learning some stuff. I’ll check this out.


  4. I will check it out right now. I have a classical music station on the radio I love to listen to.

    In other news, our trip to Asheville for the marathon was canceled. So sorry I will miss coming back down to your beautiful area.


    1. Some of the music is soothing and some terribly exciting. If you scan the words before you get to the recording, you’d probably figure out if you’d want to taste it. I follow two other blogs in which the music is really out of my sphere. Sometimes I listen to their samples and sometimes not.

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  5. I took accordion lessons from age 7 to 10 and we moved to the U.S. and could not find lessons anywhere here, so that accordion sits in its case downstairs for the last 53 1/2 years. My parents listened to their albums every Sunday – the stereo was loud and you could hear it all over the house; I grew up with a varied collection of artists that spun around.


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